Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Upcoming Reviews

Monday, October 11th. Caroline's Waterloo. Happy Birthday to me! I'm celebrating by reviewing my favorite book! Caroline is a spunky orphan, there's a marriage of convenience, a lame, pregnant donkey, and some fab cars.

Thursday, October 14th. Judith. Instead of being an RDD, we've got an 'eminent historian' for a hero - a historian who drives a Ferrari, Judith lies about a patient's life expectancy.


  1. Betty Barbara here--
    Caroline's Waterloo! Yay!!!(Snoopy dance).

    What better way to celebrate a birthday? Well--besides presents, favorite foods, etc...

  2. Oh boy! Caroline's Waterloo is another of my favorites!

  3. Betty Debbie's favorite is much more defensible than Winter Wedding (my fave) and I just adore it.