Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Summer Wedding...Part I

I think I'll spread out the wedding report over a few posts - heaven knows we took enough pictures (we even managed to photo bomb a few Bettys into some extra shots!).

This is where we were Wednesday evening.  The guys (three engineers),  managed to design and build the arbor pretty quickly. But I had resigned myself to the lack of railings on the stairs, after all, I had company starting to arrive already.
Thursday afternoon I came home from grocery shopping with one sister to find three (!!!) sisters knocking out the railing.  Betty Keira is the one standing on the patio, Betty Tia is drilling hole in the railing and Betty Suzanne is placing the spacer jig thingy and getting ready to drive in screws. They all had driven between 200 and 500 miles that day. 

I not only had three sisters working, but I also had one brother and a son-in-law (and four sons and Dr. van der Stevejinck.  May I just add that all of them got to work without being asked, in fact, they were the ones who not only volunteered, but kept asking what they could do next.  I'm so sorry for the rest of the world - no one has as awesome a family as I do.


  1. It all looks so great! I am trying not to imagine the response I'd get if I asked my siblings to finish building my deck -- trying even harder not to imagine the deck that would result...

    They are profoundly awesome in other ways, I must say. But home construction is probably not a forte. I look forward to the next reports when we see how you rewarded your relatives with flowers, food and floods of happy friends.

  2. Oh my gosh! That is gorgeous! A wonderful job done by a hard working family. All of you are my heros.

    Betty Helene

  3. Boy, oh boy. It's like a beehive. Everybody busy working - without having to be asked. And the girls handy with the tools - the Great Betty would have approved. Can't wait to see the next post.
    I hope you all had a wonderful day yesterday.

    1. No wonder the Founding Bettys and her sisters are all so competent when it comes to handling tools. I read an old post today, Wednesday, March 10, 2010
      Question of the Week
      The Founding Bettys were happily raised by a crypto-feminist father with more daughters than sense. He made hot breakfast for his brood every morning (save Saturday waffle morning), helped with the considerable Sunday dishes, and made a fetish of keeping counters clutter-free. Sadly, turnabout was fair play and he cheerfully employed his daughters mowing the lawns, roofing garages, digging out basements, pouring concrete, hanging drywall, painting anything that stood still long enough...etc. As you can see, there was no refuge in "I'm a girl" for The Founding Bettys.

  4. You are blessed in each other. The place is shaping up fast, can't wait to see the next post. Congratulations to the som and the new daughter-in-law, is it? I'm sure they think the world of you, and their aunts, uncles, and cousins!