Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Upcoming Reprise


I totally messed up this week.  I ended up reprising Ring in a Teacup when I should have been doing A Match for Sister Maggie.  My bad.  Next Monday, August 13th, I will definitely reprise Maggie.  


A Match for Sister Maggy
Take your pick from three (3!) different titles, Maggy has a bit of Scottish brogue, Evil Belgians.


  1. Shouldn't you be wrapping Jordan almonds in tulle right about now?

  2. Really! Or writing names and numbers on Place Cards.

    But since you are here, will Ring in a Teacup still come up in rotation, or should I read it now, Professor Betty Debbie? ;-)

  3. I think I only jumped the gun a few weeks for Ring in a Teacup, so it won't be in the rotation again so soon. Again, my sincerely apologies for being such an airhead.

    Off to write names and numbers on Jordan almonds and wrap some place cards in tulle...

    1. as long as you don't try to load the nail gun with almonds...

    2. Or wrap tulle around the Betty sisters. Although they'd all look lovely in tulle tutu's coming down those stairs that they railed up!