Thursday, August 23, 2012

Crafting with Betty

via email:
Hello Betties

There is an English girl who makes the cute mice and dolls just like our heroine who owned her own tea shop.
 From Betty Francesca
Thank you, Betty Francesca.  I followed your link to Susannah Dashwood's etsy store.  Here's what I found:
Amadeus mouse doll pattern and tutorial 
I think this mouse might be a little fancier (technically speaking) than Mary Jane's.  The blurb on etsy says that this mouse is fully poseable.   Wouldn't it be cool if the creator of this pattern included an option for a wedding dress (like the mouse doll in The Secret Pool)?  - Betty Debbie


  1. What a find, Betty Francesca! Thank you for finding this for us. Like Betty Debbie, I, too, thought of the mouse bride in The Secret Pool when I saw the picture.
    What a very Betty craft shop. The shop owner Susannah Dashwood (not Suzannah Lightfoot ) lives in Berkshire, England.
    There is a
    o Cressida Cat
    o Beatrice Bear
    o Trixie Pixikin
    Oh, and I almost forgot, because it is not a doll. There is an
    o Arabella Apron.

    Hey, there was someone from Munguía, Pais Vasco on the "globe thingy" aka Conquering the World widget.
    ,... It made no sense, for what had he to forget—but he gave her little time to think about it; they were approaching Munguia, he told her, where ...
    I wonder if it is the same Betty reader Betty Magdalen saw September 5, 2010 7:21 AM.

    1. Beatrice Doveton, An Unlikely Romance
      Beatrice Crawley, Wedding Bells for Beatrice
      Beatrice Browning, Hilltop Tryst

  2. Awww

    You're welcome!!!