Saturday, March 26, 2011

Betty and the Real World

The Right Kind of Girl:
I'll take the kitchen clock for $69, Bob...
So, technically this next bit isn't exactly 'Real World' material but we didn't discuss it anywhere else and it was a weird little moment:  After Mama passes on to her eternal reward, Emma brings Mr. Dobbs, Cook and Alice to pick through her left-over things.  'If I could have some of Mrs. Trent's clothes?' Alice had whispered...She had gone away delighted, with Cook clutching several pictures she had fancied.  As for Mr. Dobbs, he had had an eye on the clock in the kitchen for a long time, he had told her...'
Like I said.  Weird. A little The Price is Right-y in her time of grief.

When Emma is desperate for work she wishes (often) that the Buckfastleigh otter sanctuary were hiring for the season.  The good news is that it exists! Here's a link to their home page:
We also have facilities for the treatment of any sick or injured otters that may be brought to us. It is hoped that having seen and enjoyed our resident otters, and been given an insight into their secret way of life, visitors will be more aware of the plight of otters world-wide, particularly of course our own native British Otter Lutra lutra.
I'll dust off my Grand High Poobah Arbiter of Everything badge to designate this an Official Betty Pilgrimage Site.  I'd bet my fortune that Betty took the grandkids.

Emma describes the darkness as she drives out to the travellers camp as 'Stygian'.  Hey.  Fun fact:  The River Styx's (meaning 'hate' and 'detestation') adjectival form is Stygian. 

A Good Wife:

Son Antoine: the Grand Bastard - le grand b√Ętard
The principles go to a musical in 1999 which excites me no end as I simply adore the music of ABBA:
The musical, Mama Mia!, opened in the West End at the Prince Edward Theatre on 6 April 1999.
Though I've never seen the movie (must have come out when I was nursing), my a favorite song in the stage show (thank you, wiki) is 'Take a Chance on Me' (they don't even break out 'Waterloo' until after the end!).

Our hero has a job in Luxembourg.  Luxembourg, you might not have known, is not an entirely made-up place at all:  In 1437, the House of Luxembourg suffered a succession crisis, precipitated by the lack of a male heir to assume the throne, which led to the territory being sold by Duchess Elisabeth to Philip the Good of Burgundy (son of John the Fearless (who in his turn was son of Philip the Bold) and father to Charles the Rash and Antoine, bastard of Burgundy or The Grand Bastard).


  1. Betty Barbara here--
    I didn't find the scene where the Cook, Alice and Mr. Dobbs take some items weird at all. They were Emma's 'family', for all intents and purposes. I thought it was sweet.
    I thought we might do comments about the fact that the village where Emma and Sir Paul live is named 'Lustleigh'.
    I always knew Luxembourg was real; but my favorite small European country is Leichtenstein.

    Warning re:Momma Mia, the movie. Meryl Streep is a great singer, but it is very painful watching Pierce Brosnan try to sing. Very. Painful.

  2. I didn't think giving mama's things away to family was strange but that Mr. Dobbs was 'eyeing the clock' and that everyone else looks delighted. It's a bit odd.

    My favorite tiny country is Vatican City. You can't beat the outfits.

  3. So you are into black cassocks, Betty Keira? ;-)
    I know, I know - you've got a thing for Swiss guys in colorful knickers!
    And VC is also the smallest, unless you are among the few that count Sealand