Friday, March 4, 2011

Cinema Betty

A Dream Came True has a whole lotta Shakespeare.  So happens that so does:
Much Ado About Nothing (1993)

I was probably just barely old enough to have my driver's license in high school when I dragged my non-literary friend into the wilds of Eugene to park my 15-passenger van outside a movie house on the edge of the University of Oregon called the Bijou, where the seats were hard and scary, the prices low and the movies arty. 
Sure, it opens with unnecessary nudity.  Sure, Keanu Reeves is working his tail off to keep up with the serious actors (but he's so nice to look at and I don't think Denzel's acting in this was any better).  Sure, Kenneth and Emma are no longer keeping company. 
I loved every second of it.

At the End of the Day has a couple of older protagonists which is nice because, as my mother would say (and has said), 'It never dies.' Betty Debbie recommended:
Sabah (2005)

The plot sounds a little like ( which you should also see) My Big, Fat Greek Wedding (aging single gal, hemmed in by tradition and family, finds love with someone decidedly outside the acceptable mold) but with Syrians. Betty Debbie also warns that they do visit Brighton, but discretely, and that it is a gentle and sweet little love story.


  1. Betty Barbara here--
    Oh thank you for mentioning Much Ado About Nothing!! I just loved this movie--loved it. Even Keanu couldn't really stink it up.
    The whole opening sequence leading up to the breathless girls and (freshly showered)men meeting in the courtyard is just great.

    My other favorite version of this play is the 1973 TV version with a young and hunky Sam Waterston playing Benedict--great Victorian era American setting/costumes. Worth a look-see, if you can find it.

  2. I adore "Much Ado" ... ah, the testosterone in the credit sequence as the soldiers drive down the road. I wasn't bothered by the nudity (and I usually am) in the bathing scene.

    The chemistry between Branagh and Thompson, his comic timing and the lovely performance by Denzel Washington as Don Pedro -- now I have to get on Netflix and see if it's available to stream. I want to see it again! (Love the scene in the garden where he's arranging his chair and overhears the others talking about Beatrice! Crash! LOL!)