Sunday, March 13, 2011

Betty Goes to Church

The vastness and magnificence of St Paul's Cathedral did much to soothe her. She listened to Teddy's shrill voice piping up when he knew the hymns, Oliver's more assured treble and Colin's deep rumbling bass and, since it was expected of her, joined in with her own small, clear voice.
-A Suitable Match


  1. Betty Barbara here--
    When I see photos of St Paul's, I want to start singing "Feed the birds, Tuppence a Bag".

  2. And how would that sound....a shrill voice, an assured treble, a deep rumbling bass or a small, clear voice?

    I'm more of a clear, shrill, rumbling treble.

  3. Ooh, that reminds me -- There was a story on the radio yesterday about a study on ADD (or ADHD) in kids and how a lot of cases could be treated with a change in diet (so no drugs).

    I can't speak to the issue, but I listened, absolutely rapt, because the lead investigator is a Dutch woman and I LOVED her accent. If you want to hear it, this link should get you to the audio file and this one to the story itself. (As I say, I don't have an opinion on the study, just her accent...)

  4. My favorite accent is Danish (no, I don't understand a lick but International Cinema in college made me a convert). But that Dutch ain't bad!