Friday, March 4, 2011

Betty Goes to the Oscars

I suppose I should go on record: I don't watch The Oscars. Not that interested. I only saw a few of the films that had nominations this year: Toy Story 3, Inception, How to Train Your Dragon, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, and Tangled. 
In spite of not watching the Oscars, I do love to see the gowns that are worn. That's where the inter-web-nets come in handy. Here are a few of my picks for Betty Neels worthy dresses.
Just the thing to float around the dance floor in the arms
of the local Burgermeister.

Lilac chiffon.  Need I say more? Okay, I'll say more.
The top of this dress is strangely bizarre and Buck Rogers-ish, and
completely unsuitable for any woman who wears a bra cup size large than an A.

Gwyneth is sporting a model suitable for any rail-thin Veronica.

Grey. It's grey. Betty Neels favorite fashion colour.
I should look so hot at 65.

Lilac and lace? Very Araminta, I'm sure. For some reason, this reminds me
of a wickedly expensive Gina Fratini frock such as the one in
 Stars Through the Mist even though it's not white or pin-tucked.  

Bronze. It's what the drop-dead gorgeous Olivias are wearing this season.

What were your Oscar fashion favorites?


  1. I liked pretty much everything Hailee Steinfeld wore during the whole awards season. Also very à la Betty was the dress Michelle Williams have on: white, beaded with a high neck and short sleeves.

  2. My nails are painted grey right now (NOT shimmery). It's very trendy at the moment.

  3. The back of Cate Blanchett's dress is not so enchanting IMO.

    I just adore Anne Hathaway, she is like and old time movie star in our modern world of LED lights.

  4. That second dress looks like they attached a giant doily to it. Yuck! Helen Mirren looks sexy/ sophisticated and freakin' gorgeous (and I refuse to say "for her age").

  5. Betty Kylene - the back of Cate Blanchett's dress just proves that the designer stole ideas from old sci-fi B-movies...just imagine it in cobalt blue with a swimsuit bottom instead of a skirt. See? Very vintage space-age.

  6. Betty Barbara here--

    I just loved Helen Mirren's dress and just knew that it was Betty worthy. I agree with you, Betty Debbie, I should look so good at 65! (Well, that gives me 3 years to whip myself into shape!LOL!!!)

    That lilac lace number Mila was wearing is just a little low cut for our Aramintas, I think. But you sure nailed Gwyneth's dress-I am sure that all of Ilsas in Neelsland would think it just wonderful!
    Color me one Betty who was unimpressed with Cate B's dress. And I agree with Betty Kylene-the back was strange and so was the yellow color.

    Can't believe you haven't seen The King's Speech. I mean, c'mon, Colin Firth!! (who has aged very gracefully, hasn't he?)

  7. Might be my favorite, mainly because I'm amazed that this woman just gave birth one month ago. I think she looks great and I can't decide if I love it or the opposite. ;-)

    A Pint of Guinness Just in time for St. Patty's Day. Betty Megan loves Reese, and despite the joke, I think she looks fab-u-luz!

    Locked in the basement for the rest of her life if Betty Megan ever showed up in this.

    Why is Helena B.C. always dressed as the Bride of the Minotaur? At least she got her shoes matched this time.

  8. BettyMary, I think I agree with you all the way down the line. That red number is beautiful, sexy and not at all trashy. But I hate that woman - 1 month?? ;-)

    The Locked in the Basement number isn't even a bit pretty. It's altogether trashy. It looks like the kind of thing one would buy at a sleazy undies shop. FOR UNDIES!

    The red and green shoe thing - my son, Jason, discovered he could get great deals on Doc Maartens shoes and boots on ebay years ago, so he had the boots in many colors, including olive green and true red. He worked in the local hospital ER for years and whichever shift he worked up to or on Christmas Day, he'd wear one red and one green Doc. His co-workers were so disappointed when he stopped doing it. ;-)


  9. But 'Ma it's gray! Doesn't the fact it's a Betty color make it okay? LOL
    I might let Megan wear it on the beach. Uh, nope, not even there. It's way to see through.

    Funny about the shoes. I can see doing it for Christmas, but to the Golden Globes?
    She played the young Queen Mum in the Kings Speech, right? So she's probably not a looney tune. And gosh she's so classically pretty. Maybe she's got Johnny Depp syndrome. Don't love me because I'm beautiful.

  10. Betty Ross's sister is a dead ringer for Cate Blanchett. Not intimidating at all. Nope not in the least.

  11. OH, and BettyMary - LOVE the invitations - THANK you.