Wednesday, March 23, 2011

To Kindle or Not to Kindle?

I'd like to report that I read my first Kindle book. I'd like to report that, but the reality was that I read part of my first Kindle book. I started A Good Wife on Dr. van der Stevejinck's Kindle, but before I could finish, he borrowed it back. Yes, I could have asked for it back...or searched for it...but really, where's the fun in that?
Here's what I liked:
  • nice screen size.
  • easy to adjust font size (do it yourself large print!).
  • long battery life.
  • large memory. This will be great to take on vacation! No more running out of books to read and trying to find something suitable in a mini-mart on the Washington coast.
  • people are less likely to bug you by asking about what you're reading.
  • instant gratification - if a book is available, it takes next to no time to order it and download.
  • lots of free reading material is available.
Here are my quibbles:
  • other people may not bug you about what you're reading, but they will bug you about what you're reading on.
  • not really that convenient for searching (hard to 'flip through').
  • harder to use for note-taking.
  • expensive.
Conclusion: I'm not ready to buy my own...but I am glad that Dr. van der Stevejinck has one. I'll be using it on a regular basis this summer, you can bet on it.


  1. I think I'm gonna buy myself a Kindle for my birthday (or let Nathan buy it for me). A white one though.

  2. We are planning the 7000 mile drive looping across the country and up the west coast this summer. Have been thinking one or two of these would be extremely useful!

  3. If anyone's keeping track, Harlequin has been adding Betty Neels' backlist to the Kindle Store at a greater rate. There were another 15 or so waiting for me to download when I stopped by: a substantial chunk of The Canon from 1979 (The Promise of Happiness) through to the mid-80s (A Summer Idyll) although there's hole in the middle, and one is a pre-order.

    Yes, at $4 a pop, it's going to be expensive to buy them all, but one of the beauties of having a Kindle is that you carry them all with you.

    I think there's now about 20% of The Canon available digitally.