Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Suitable Match--Discussion Thread

In A Suitable Match, our heroine prays to get the job which is just about as sweet as pie.  The Little Mijnheer and  have undergone periods of Abrupt Involuntary Sabbatical (early on in his career--I'll never forgive one of his employers for moving the company to Cyprus--in the Mediterranean(!)--two weeks after we signed the papers on our first house.  Though they were willing to move us out we opted to job search. (I was not going to give birth on an island with unresolved political issues.)) and, let me tell you, we were praying.

Grandpa chooses a chocolate from the box with care (Betty Debbie says, 'Me too, I hate to be surprised by a gross fruity chocolate.').  I'm a huge nut/chocolate fan so all of that is cool with me but cherries in chocolate feels like a massive bummer.  I love cherries.  I love chocolate.  The sum of them both is nonexistent in relation to their parts.

Grandpa had been in India and Burma 1940-1945 and stayed in India after the war.  Eustascia's dad was born there.  Burma is now known as Myanmar and that makes me wonder why the English-speaking world bothers to change the names of cities or countries as they themselves do.  Seems to me that it's applied inconsistently.  For instance: We call it Germany.  Spanish-speakers call it Alemania (my favorite) and natives call it Deutschland.  No one is offended by this variation (not that I know of).  Then there's the German city of Munich which they call München.
But then when Bombay went through the trouble of re-naming themselves Mumbai (from the English Bombay) I was super-cool with them changing what they wanted to be called (though an actual Indian told me he thought it was silly) but confused about why English-speakers would then change what they call it as well.
But then, I'm a bit inconsistent myself.  I was thrilled to bits to go back to calling Stalingrad St. Petersburg.

Our heroine plays with plastic space creatures with Teddy and Oliver and engages in a theological discussion about the afterlife with the boys.  Sounds like your typical afternoon at Casa van Voorhees...

Eustacia skateboards down a slope in the backyard which you might think was a bad idea.  I wonder if the dinner was burning at the time...