Sunday, March 20, 2011

Betty Goes to Church

Her final waking thought was the hope that he wouldn't mind going to church.
To her surprise (Melville) didn't.  He had a pleasing tenor voice and sang the hymns with great feeling, listening with great attention to the sermon, his handsome profile uplifted to the pulpit, and when they left the church he took her arm in a protective fashion, smiling at anyone who caught his eye.  Her heart swelled with pride as they walked back to the house.  Her mother, some way behind her father, voiced her feelings quite fiercely.
'He's not the right man for her, dear.  That was an act in church--all that pious singing and charm.  I bet he hasn't been in a church for years...'
                                                                                           Off With the Old Love


  1. I agree, the "Diana is worth a dozen of you!" comment was utterly stupid - I remember the first time I read it getting all choked up. However, it's hardly unforgivable. My beloved and I have said things to one another that were at least that stupid and we've been together for nearly 36 years. Forgiveness ought to be the first requirement for any relationship. Without it we get nowhere fast. :)

    I'm always amazed at how gullible some of these girls are - our Aramintas. The Veronicas show over and over they only care about themselves but when they suddenly show concern over sick gypsies or stray dogs, our Aramintas never seem to think, "Ummm...what would SHE get out of my dealing with this?" Maybe being the much-beat-upon-youngest of six girls makes me wary but I know I was never, ever, ever that gullible.


  2. Ooops - that comment belongs with The Right Kind of Girl review - scrolled down too far and too carelessly. I was too busy composing my comments in my head, I guess. :)