Thursday, March 31, 2011

Once For All Time--Discussion Thread

What size barf bag, do you suppose...?
Clotilde meets Dr. Thackery in the hospital parking lot. He has a Jack Russell in his car with him. Clotilde says 'you look as though you ought to have a Great Dane'...he does - one that gets car-sick. 

Her parents were only insured for the first week of their vacation.  My question is, if you bothered to purchase insurance at all and go through the trouble, why not just get coverage for the whole thing?  Not that I am a stranger to traveling without proper insurance...On the day before my wedding, my Very Famous Auto Insurance company called to cancel my policy (Were there tears?  Oh my, yes.) as getting a title transfer from a relative (who was living rent-free as a guest of the state at that time) was problematical.  Did I go on my honeymoon with a lightly-insured car?  I plead the fifth.  Happily, nothing adverse happened (God tempers the wind to the shorn lamb, I suppose.) and my moral compass has since evolved to the point of being aghast.   

After she is dumped by Bruce, Clotilde storms out of the pub...and starts walking.  She is picked up by the police around midnight and driven back to St. Alma's.  I like to think that the firemen still rescue kittens from trees and that the policemen still help stranded damsels after dark.

Clotilde and Katrina (Dr. Thackery's 21 year-old sister) go shopping. Katrina spends as much as she wants since James(Dr. T.) has given her a bunch of signed cheques.  I can think of a handful of people I would trust with a signed (but not otherwise filled out) check.  My mother, a few sisters, one friend...most certainly not a Katrina.
There was only one house rule...

Katrina is studying Economics at the university in Leyden. Clotilde says she must be clever, James says she just barely gets high enough marks to scrape by.  I would wonder what she hoped to parlay an economics degree into, but Humanities majors live in artfully decorated glass houses...

Dr. Mary Evans has her hair permed and wears a padded bra.  Betty Neels did not like permed hair.  There are few statements about the Great Betty I can make with more certainty that that.  And padded bras?  Some of her heroines could benefit (I'm looking at you, Becky, of The Promise of Happiness) but The Venerable Betty never stoops to sending them off to Victoria's Secret.  But she gets around that by having her be fattened up with good food. (If only that were where all my extra inches went to!) 
As a revenge fantasy, it was crude but satisfying...

One of his younger brothers is a physicist in Canada of all places.  Betty Debbie and I agreed that Canada was an interesting place to be a physicist.  Maybe all that land...

Dr. Mary is always spiteful. At one point Clotilde imagines reaching over the desk to pull her hair and box her ears.  Revenge fantasies...I don't have explicit ones but I appreciate creative thinking.


  1. I got a perm in junior high. My friend told me I looked like Roger Daltrey. Not quite what I was going for. Perhaps Betty had a point??

  2. Maybe not padded bras, but many heroines get the Shopping Trip o'Love which usually includes a solo detour through the undies department at Harrods (or the Dutch equivalent thereof) for lacy frilly things that are never more differentiated than that. (I'm naughty. I usually imagine the first time the RDD/REW gets to see some of the new undies. *sigh*)

    When my sister got married in 1971, my mother sent her to the Schenectady, NY equivalent of Harrods to get nightgowns, etc. for her trousseau. She was able to buy a lot of really nice stuff for the whopping total of $75 -- which really was a lot back then.

    Alas, by the time I got married, my mother was dead and $75 wouldn't have gone as far.