Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Upcoming Reviews

Next week does not bode well for parents in the world of Betty Neels. 

Monday, March 7th. A Matter of Chance. Cressida's parents have recently kicked the bucket. She's got a job in Holland typing a learned medical something-er-other for someone. WWII references.

Thursday, March 10th. A Suitable Match. Eustacia Crump, assistant Path Lab bottlewasher, skateboards her way into Colin's heart. Marriage of Convenience...Eustacia and Colin marry for the sake of his recently orphaned nephews.


  1. Betty Barbara here--
    Oh my goodness! An upcoming week where I have already read both books!
    Now, I will have to go back and refresh my memory.....
    But at least I have read them.

  2. Eustacia Crump - worst Betty name EVER.

  3. Betty Caitlin - you're absolutely right. I could get past Eustacia, but Crump? It makes her sound like someone who comes in to do the rough.

  4. Yea, Crump is a deal breaker. No way one of my girls could get permission to marry one.
    The bright side is Eustacia gets to change hers to Crichton. My girls have a friend that goes by Stacia (she's Anastacia).
    I kind of like Stacia Crichton (provided it's pronounced CRITE-IN)

    The lady that's got my sympathy in Henrietta Cowper. She gets to dump Cowper but now she's Henrietta Ross-Pitt. The best she gets is Etta, but she's still stuck with Pitt.