Saturday, March 19, 2011


I gave Dr. van der Stevejinck a Kindle a few months ago as a birthday present. I've been meaning to use it...but since nearly all my reading time is taken up with reading Betty Neels (and I own them all), I've been slow to borrow it. 
Yesterday I plunked down $3.44 for the Kindle edition of this week's book (A Good Wife). Which I am now reading. I'll let you know my thoughts on the Kindle later, in the meantime, heigh ho, heigh's off to reading I go.


  1. Since I know how we take notes for our reviews, I'm really wondering how this is all going to go...

  2. I love my Kindle -- not to the exclusion of paper, but still -- and I love The Great Betty on the Kindle.

    I think I can see why HQN (Harlequin Enterprises, the parent company of Mills & Boon, etc.) is dragging its feet regarding the digitizing of The Canon. It must think that the Venn diagram of Betty Neels Fans and Kindle Users is two barely-overlapping circles. I think they're wrong, but no one got rich waiting for HQN to realize they're wrong about anything.

    Still, I treated myself to all of the then-available digital Bettys, which is less than 10% of The Canon.

    I hope the note-taking goes well. I've never tried it, so I can't help.