Sunday, March 6, 2011

Betty Goes to Church

And once in church, Lady Manderly led the way down the aisle and took her place in a pew under the pulpit, and after a glance at the Professor, Gloria followed her.  But he made no move, only pushed Jemima gently in the back so that she sat reluctantly beside Gloria.  That left the last seat for the Professor.  Pig in the middle, thought Jemima, getting on to her knees. 
She sang the hymns in an unselfconscious treble, very sweet but not very powerful...Professor Cator had a rich bass which boomed out above her head, effectively drowning any voice within yards.  Gloria didn't sing at all; she stood and sat and knelt like a puppet and Jemima  could feel the waves of rage emanating from her elegant person.
A Dream Came True


  1. Jemima could feel the waves of rage emanating from her elegant person
    Gosh, have you ever felt this way in church.
    I will admit to having feelings of rage going in, but by the handshake of peace, I can usually get over what ever I was angry about (usually it's a spat over His driving or my being late)and we literally kiss and make up right there in church, before approaching the alter. And it's still happening even after 31 years. Oh my....
    ..... Any one else have moments like these?

  2. '(usually it's a spat over His driving or my being late)'--Oh my, yes. It used to be much worse several years ago before he understood that a Hanna girl does not countenance lateness to church under any circumstances. But I've mellowed considerably and he's quicker off the dime.

  3. We used to do that, too - have snappy little fights over nothing very much as we were heading out to church and then I'd get there and we're having the Supper and I can't. I refuse to partake because I'd like to murder my husband and don't feel that Jesus really wants to commune with me at that moment. Then of course half a dozen people notice I don't share in the Feast and they all come to me and ask what's wrong.

    Sheesh. It's far easier to make up on the way in the door! :)


    PS Wasn't it waves of rage from Gloria? Whom we're probably supposed to assume isn't much of a one for church anyway.