Thursday, March 17, 2011

Betty hero.

Charlie Sheen/J Lo cover. Hilarious.

Generic/boring reprint cover.

I should print this up and paste it on top of my generic cover. Here's the accompanying email:

Hi Founding Bettys,

I'm over a week behind on the blog--spring break travel and The Spare's birthday--but hope to catch up tomorrow. Meanwhile, here is the promised redone cover for At the End of the Day (the original is just soooo awful) and for which The Heir and The Spare had previously helped me Google an appropriately austere RDD image (Mom, try "frowning tall dark handsome Italian"--we ended up with a Frenchman, but they got me on the right track). They inspected my finished piece before bed tonight and were impressed (Mom: "Do you think his head is too big? I had to match his hands." The Spare: "No, Mom, he's perfect! The Princess Royale: "He looks like a bobblehead." The Heir to HRH: "You're the Little Dummyhead!" I digress....I asked them to compare it to the original cover. The Spare: "Way better!" HRH: "He still has a bobblehead." The Littlest Princess: "I want a bobblehead!" The Heir: "The original looks like a short college freshman hugging his mother who has just been tazered in the neck." Amidst the ensuing laughter they were all sent to bed.)

So just in time for St. Patty's Day here is a cover with a spirited red-headed lass....
Tot ziens,

Betty JoDee
p.s. I'm working on a Betty limerick for tomorrow, but unfortunately the Crown Prince of Doggerel--the Professor--is out-of-town so I am on my own coming up with rhymes for "Utrecht."