Thursday, March 17, 2011

Betty hero.

Charlie Sheen/J Lo cover. Hilarious.

Generic/boring reprint cover.

I should print this up and paste it on top of my generic cover. Here's the accompanying email:

Hi Founding Bettys,

I'm over a week behind on the blog--spring break travel and The Spare's birthday--but hope to catch up tomorrow. Meanwhile, here is the promised redone cover for At the End of the Day (the original is just soooo awful) and for which The Heir and The Spare had previously helped me Google an appropriately austere RDD image (Mom, try "frowning tall dark handsome Italian"--we ended up with a Frenchman, but they got me on the right track). They inspected my finished piece before bed tonight and were impressed (Mom: "Do you think his head is too big? I had to match his hands." The Spare: "No, Mom, he's perfect! The Princess Royale: "He looks like a bobblehead." The Heir to HRH: "You're the Little Dummyhead!" I digress....I asked them to compare it to the original cover. The Spare: "Way better!" HRH: "He still has a bobblehead." The Littlest Princess: "I want a bobblehead!" The Heir: "The original looks like a short college freshman hugging his mother who has just been tazered in the neck." Amidst the ensuing laughter they were all sent to bed.)

So just in time for St. Patty's Day here is a cover with a spirited red-headed lass....
Tot ziens,

Betty JoDee
p.s. I'm working on a Betty limerick for tomorrow, but unfortunately the Crown Prince of Doggerel--the Professor--is out-of-town so I am on my own coming up with rhymes for "Utrecht."


  1. In the spirit of the day I'm saying "Ye done Brilliant and Grand, I'm t'inking!"
    I'm so glad you didn't forget Betty JoDee, it was certainly worth the wait.
    I totally recognize Maureen in her Quiet Man wedding dress, but who's taking Sean Thornton's place?
    Digging the onion domes! You got the perfect RRD pad down to an RDD T!!!!!
    And I must give the PR her propers, it's definately an RDD bobble-head.
    Send me your address through the Betty's. I've got a bobble-head for the LP that I've been trying to regift! Seriously just click on RIP.
    I tried for 2 months to share this on BXing!!!
    And it comes with two shirts and a ball book.
    Consider it your reward for all that hard work... Hopefully your royal family is not adverse to the Pistons.

  2. The part I love the most is how many Pledges of Affection you roped into the project! Way. To. Go.

    My kidlets know that TUJD is famous all over the world (Their words. When they see the spinning map and all the dots, they are just sure everyone knows about out little Betty Blog.) but they haven't the faintest clue about what it's all about...

  3. Betty JoDee--
    You Rock! That is soooo cool. Of course, most of us recognize Maureen O'Hara (spirited red-head, indeed!). Is that possibly a young Louis Jourdan?
    I think we need an RDD Bobble-head. Seriously.

    Betty Barbara

  4. Betty Barbara, You can have one!
    RDD bobblehead

    They're about 80 bucks each, but if we buy in bulk we could get a $20. discount. And we can have it made to look any way we like. I think we should do one dark and one linty. What say you?

  5. And my magic googling fingers found the RFA who is masquerading as our RDD - Alain Delon.

  6. Betty Mary
    You have extreme skills at the Google! Alain Delon (huge sigh).
    And yes--we would need blond/white(lint fair)haired RDD Bobbles. And I am sure that several of the REWs (Rich English Whatevers, had dark hair). And we would need to throw in one or two reddish-haired ones.
    But the price point is a real sticker. Now $6 is reasonable, $60 is not(and that's assuming we order in 'bulk'-for whatever number constitutes 'bulk')

  7. You're very welcome for the Alain Delon. My gift to my beloved Fellow Bettys.

    Betty Mary, The Littlest Princess would love your bobblehead. I'll send along my address. Perhaps we could all pitch in for one RDD bobblehead and send him around to each other for adventures like Flat Stanley.

    Meanwhile, here's my limerick:

    There once was lad from Utrecht
    Whose technique was very direct.
    He kissed in a swoop,
    Quite fast for his age group,
    No chance for her to object.

    (Okay, my earlier desperate-to-rhyme line was:

    There once was lad from Utrecht
    Whose technique was very direct.
    He kissed in a swoop,
    Quite fast for his age group,
    No tongue could she even detect.

    Well, you try rhyming "Utrecht!)

    1. Speak-Along: Utrecht

      There once was a lad from Utrecht
      Whose technique was helemaal niet slecht.
      He kissed in a swoop,
      Quite fast for his age group,
      And then engaged her in a kussengevecht.

      (Or, last line for the more delicate Bettys:
      And then Goeden served the hoofdgerecht. (English: main course))

      helemaal HAY-luh-MAHL, main stress on the last syllable (English: completely, totally, utterly, entirely)
      niet NEAT (English: not)
      Speak-Along: (Dutch audio & Belgian audio!!!) slecht e as in direct, ch as in Loch or Bach
      helemaal niet slecht = not bad (meaning good)
      kussengevecht (English: pillow fight)
      Speak-Along: kussen (IPA: /ˈkʏsə(n)/) sounds almost like German "küssen" KÜSS-uhn Ü like short ü in German (English: pillow, also: to kiss)
      Speak-Along: gevecht chuh-FECHT (English: fight, battle)

      Ok, I admit it. I cheated. Found a web page Words rhyming Utrecht.

    2. Goeden works for Max van Oosterwelde in Visiting Consultant.

  8. Naughty, naughty (but quite hilarious) on the tongue thing. Does HHR know you write such racy riff raff?

    Okay, here's my try, using your first 3.

    There once was a lad from Utrecht
    Whose technique was very direct
    He kissed in a swoop
    She wanted to whoop
    But next time she got not a peck.

    So glad you want RIP. I'll send it out when I get your info.

  9. hey gang,

    Great stuff here...

    I have an idea...not sure I can pull it off but I'll give it a go this weekend. I think I can make a bobble head, and certainly, I can make it look however we want.

    It'll be the cost of the clay only - $10 or less for sure. I just have to figure the bobbling. My own dear beloved should prove helpful there.

    So before we pay to have one done for $60, let me try, please?


  10. When I was looking for Flickr pictures for handsome Dutchmen -- preferably ones with lint-colored hair -- I came across a real cutie-pie...only he was Italian. Can I find him now? Not a chance.

    Oh well. Betty Ross, Betty Henry and I are off to the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament for the weekend. If I see any RDDs, RBWs, RFWs, or anyone else worthy of a Betty book, I'll snap a picture!


  11. There once was a man from Utecht
    Who our sweet Betty's gal did affect
    When he went for the swoop
    It threw her for a loop
    For sweet nothings did he neglect.

  12. Betty Cindy - Go for it! I hope it 'turns' out or should we say pours out, carves out, kilns out. (I'm not exactly sure of the creation mode.)
    This would be hilarious. Like a traveling Virgin! (no insult intended to the B.V.M.)
    Right now in the spanish chapel we sometimes attend they pass around a statue of Our Lady of Gaudelupe. Every Sunday a new family is chosen to take La Morenita (a nickname that means little brown one)and invite neighbors in to pray.

    So what would we do with our RDD Bobble head. He'd need a nickname - Contest Possibility!
    And then what? Promise to read at least one Betty book while he's with you?
    And I'm not sure if I'm serious or joking here. UH OH, I should delete this, it could be used in a competency hearing. 8-D

  13. Betty Mary--
    Should the Traveling RDD Bobble-head come to be, I promise I Will Not stick him on my dash-board, nor put him in my car's rear window!!

    Betty Barbara

  14. Okay, We've got two possible rules:
    1. I will read one book from the canon while RDDBobble is in my domicile.
    2. I will keep the RDDBobble in an appropriate location, which rules out dash-boards and rear car windows.

    Submit your ideas.

  15. Ok - I leave it to you lot to work out the details of our RDD Bobblehead's adventures - he is indeed on the way to becoming reality. About to go in for his first curing, he is tall - LONG legs, barrel chested and with an imperious nose! ;-)

    Suit? Khakis? Scrubs?


  16. I love the idea of an RDD bobblehead!

    How about white doctor's coat, dark pants and expensive handmade Italian shoes...

  17. Betty Debbie, I like the idea too - very do-able from a polymer clay standpoint! :)


  18. Hah! Just finished sculpting one pair of expensive, handmade Chelsea shoes - black leather and very sexy! ;-)

    Now, if only they'll support our RDD once I plunk him on to the shoes, all will be good.

    I have a glob of very dark navy clay I used for another project - should be plenty for a pair of exquisitely tailored mens slacks. But I'll work on them tomorrow.