Friday, March 18, 2011

Life After Betty

via email:

Dear Betty's,

I was browsing through your old blogs about Georgette Heyer (and enjoying them), when I was reminded of another writer I like very much.. Have you ever heard of Lucilla Andrews? She wrote medical romances too, but (sorry Betty Neels) on a more serious level.

Her books are situated in and after WW 2 and they're great! It took me years, but I've got all her books, except one that is very hard to find. She's a bit of a cult because of some lines another writer stole from one of her books. Google her and you'll see it.

If you stumble across one of her books, buy it and try it!

How are the bitterballen going?

Greetings from Amersfoort,

Betty Debbie here...first of all, thank you Betty Cisca!
  • I've made one attempt at bitterballen (so far).  Epic fail.  Epic. I'll try again soon, but first I have to work up the nerve.
  • Has anyone else read Lucilla Andrews?  I looked up her books on and boy, howdy are they expensive.  I'm going to have to look for her books at my local creepy used bookstore.


  1. Betty Barbara here--
    Thank you Betty Cisca. I was vaguely aware of Lucilla Andrews, but have not read any of her books. I just finished reading her Obit in the Guardian(thank you Google) and she sounds like a very interesting woman!
    Ah, a good excuse to haunt the used book stores: a new author to look for!

  2. "When her nurses home was hit by a V2 bomb in 1945, she grabbed two things from her room: her eyelash curlers and her file of notes for the books she wanted to write."

    I would have liked that woman.

  3. I loved that story too, Betty Kiera. And now I'm not real fond of the author who will not be named. Funny how we mentioned his book not too far back in the 'Briony' discussion with Betty Magdalen.
    I've requested one of Lucilla's books, but it may take a while to get.
    One author I tried lately, looking for a Betty(ier) experience was Anne Baker. She writes about the days when Betty would have been young in England. But she's not gentle or gentile. I read 'A Liverpool Lullaby', can't say I really liked it, but she's a decent writer. The story rambled, had way too many people in it, and the morals of the main character were soft. But if your desperate or just want a walk on the less mild side....

  4. Lucilla Andrews is worth searching out even at the astronomical prices that amazon and abe are charging. Get hold of "My Friend the Professor" if you possibly can. Don't you think that's a perfectly Betty Neels title? LOVE YOUR BLOG.