Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Can I Get a Hand?

Betty Debbie will never have a career as a hand model.

Araminta Cassandra Mary Rose Serena Dawlish may be plain, she may have straight mousey hair, she may be 'plump'...but our girl ALWAYS has at least three things going for her.
  1. Her voice is invariable pleasing. Nary a nasal twang to be found.
  2. Her eyes, her beautiful eyes.
  3. Her neat well-kept hands (unless she is temporarily doing manual labor).
About that last one...
I grew up thinking this was an actual manicure.
I was a horrible nail biter clear up until I was a young teenager. Not only that, but I have short, stubby digits and uneven nails. I hate the feel of nail polish - I haven't used any for decades. My one and only daughter has long graceful fingers with nicely shaped nails. Evidently she was switched at birth.

Did genetics do you any favours in the hand department? What's your hand care routine?