Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Can I Get a Hand?

Betty Debbie will never have a career as a hand model.

Araminta Cassandra Mary Rose Serena Dawlish may be plain, she may have straight mousey hair, she may be 'plump'...but our girl ALWAYS has at least three things going for her.
  1. Her voice is invariable pleasing. Nary a nasal twang to be found.
  2. Her eyes, her beautiful eyes.
  3. Her neat well-kept hands (unless she is temporarily doing manual labor).
About that last one...
I grew up thinking this was an actual manicure.
I was a horrible nail biter clear up until I was a young teenager. Not only that, but I have short, stubby digits and uneven nails. I hate the feel of nail polish - I haven't used any for decades. My one and only daughter has long graceful fingers with nicely shaped nails. Evidently she was switched at birth.

Did genetics do you any favours in the hand department? What's your hand care routine?


  1. I have terrible hands in that: 1) my nails are an ugly shape; 2) the nails themselves are very brittle and break if I even look at them funny; and 3) my cuticles are often tattered and occasionally red.

    I have wonderful hands in that: 1) I have lovely long slender fingers.

    Alas, the terribles win.

  2. My nails are outstanding. Once, in Hawaii, I was getting a manicure and the lady was scraping at my nails trying to figure out what was on them because they were so strong and thick, she freaked out and held my hand up for all to see shouting something in Chinese when she learned that those were my real nails. Unfortunately, hand modeling is not in my cards as my fingers are short, stubby, chubby and old looking.

  3. Wait, whose hands are those?

    My fingers are hideous and my nails are brittle and I still chew them off. Luckily for me French manicures are very out of style and short dark manicures are in. SHIMMER-FREE GRAY NAIL POLISH <3

  4. My daughter, The Ya-ya, has the most exquisite hands I've ever seen. Mine look like a char-woman's...

  5. I've got small hands - clearly at odds with the rest of me!

    Unfortunately, I've passed on the nail biting habit to one of my girls. I only figured it out when I realized that, at four, I had never cut her nails! OK, maybe I'm not that observant.

  6. I have my father's hands - and until I got sick, they were quite pleasing. Long fingers, almond shaped nails without much fuss, and naturally hard nails.

    One of the side-effects of Dercum's is that we get oddly puffy hands with dimples where are knuckles used to be! ;-)


  7. Betty Barbara here--
    As a teen and young woman, my hands were nice, but not spectacular. Fingers in nice proportion to the palm, not really slender, but not chubby either. Alas, my nails have never been strong, but if I remember to keep them trimmed, they don't look too bad.
    However, osteo-arthritis has taken its ugly toll--crooked fingers, enlarged knuckles, etc.
    My sister has small hands with slender fingers.
    My mother had large hands, almost 'man hands', so obviously my sister and I got our hand genes from our dad's side of the family.

  8. I've got large, capable hands - not my best feature, but they serve me well in my job. I like to think they go along with the rest of my "splendid build."

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