Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Upcoming Reviews

Diana in her younger years.
Monday, March 21st. The Right Kind of Girl. As opposed to the wrong kind of girl? Plain spoken, key-hole listening Maisie, snake in the grass Diana.

A good wife? Doubtful.
Thursday, March 24th. A Good Wife. As opposed to a bad wife? Serena Lightfoot and RDD Ivo van Doelen. Epic cross-over characters Duert and Christina (Not Once But Twice, A Girl Named Rose, Dearest Eulalia).

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  1. Betty Barbara here--
    Oh my! I am wondering why you didn't link to the original cover for The Right Kind of Girl? Could it be the Nursery scene? Right there on the Cover??

    OMG!!!Kudos to whichever Betty did the transformation on Barbi!!! I love it!!!! The colored curlers! the eye make-up!! the dangling cigarette!!! Genius!!!11!!