Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Not Your Average Bedsit.

via email:

Hi Bettys,
This is a floor plan of an apt in NYC, but I thought it appropriate for the BN book where our heroine is the Nanny in Vienna. 
I always wanted a floor plan in my mind because so much of the story happens in that apartment. 

Betty Francesca
 On behalf of everyone here at TUJD, I'd like to thank Betty Francesca for this awesome floor plan.  I've never really been able to visualize an apartment that seemed big enough to house the assorted servants that invariably go with RDDs (or even the occasional Veronica).  There are actually several RDDs who maintain a London apartment, and now I can more easily visualize something grand enough to qualify as a part-time abode for a fabulously wealthy Dutch Doctor.
-Betty Debbie


  1. Haha!

    Now that you mention it, it does seem a bit small! I will have to get you another one.

    I noticed that there was room for the Nanny and her tyke, the 3 staff servants but where will the RDD sleep and his sister? Hmm...

    I need a bigger apartment.

    But it will do for a RDD in London, I believe.


    Betty Francesca

    1. Betty Francesca, you are right, the apartment is too small for the RBD in Vienna but otherwise the floor plan is great. Three staff rooms!!! Wow - and just two bedrooms. Hm.