Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Upcoming Reprise

Monday, August 6th.
A Match for Sister Maggy
Take your pick from three (3!) different titles, Maggy has a bit of Scottish brogue, Evil Belgians.


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  2. That was close. Betty A. putting the cap back onto her red pen...
    Nurse in Holland is by far the nicest title of the three, but with all those Neelsian nurses in Holland I'd have a hard time to remember it was Maggy's story. My copy's title is A Match for Sister Maggy and I am glad of it. And, as I have proven recently, I still confuse it with another book with Scots in it, A Kind of Magic, tut, tut.

  3. Betty Barbara here--
    Oh! the Great Betty's attempt at dialect/accent is almost embarrassing. I am so glad se dropped that from her later books involving characters from Scotland.
    But Maggy is a sweetie, even with her bad brogue.

  4. And I don't remember this one at all by the title, but I love the cover art.

    Betty Francesca

  5. Being Scottish I find it really hard to read this one. Also A kind of Magic. I find my self doing sterotype scottish accents in my head while reading them Cringe!!!


    1. Betty Caroline, since you are Scottish you know what a Scottish accent should sound like. So why not try and get some enjoyment out of doing accents if you feel like it, even stereotype accents? I have a couple of books by a 19th century Austrian author who wrote the characters' lines in dialect. I just love to read those dialogues.