Sunday, July 29, 2012

Passion's Fortune

via email:
Betty Debbie, 

Look what I found on

It is selling for $99.00, the Kindle price is $94.00....$94.00 WTH??? I found a "very good" used copy for $22.00.
An Amazon review:
This is a well-written and extraordinarily well-researched book about the history of the popular British publishing house of Mills & Boon (Harlequin romances, etc.). Joe McAleer has written a book appealing to romance-lovers and non-romance-lovers alike (I'm the latter!). The wonderfully-named "Passion's Fortune" is entertaining, informative, and eye-opening, as it sheds glowing light on a niche (albeit large) business within publishing. You will not view "cheap, summertime romance novels" the same after reading this book!
I can't wait for this gem to arrive!
Betty Helene

Dear Betty Helene,
Thank you for the heads up!  I'm looking forward to hearing if you enjoy the book.   When I got on Amazon to check it out, I ran across this little gem:
 The Art of Romance: Harlequin Mills & Boon Cover Designs
Review on Amazon:
They're not exactly bodice-rippers or as dramatic as pulp fiction covers, but the romance novel art displayed in this book, dating back to the 1908 launch of Mills & Boon, the United Kingdom's leading romance fiction publisher, has a nostalgic charm and glamour all its own.
Starting as a general publisher (P.G. Wodehouse, Jack London), the firm began to focus on women's fiction in the 1920s, much of it with exotic themes and the illustrations depicted here reflect both social and graphic change, though in the end, it's the stereotypical characters that endure-the tall, dark, handsome rugged hero be he explorer, doctor, or pilot, and the young blue- or green-eyed heroine wrapped in his embrace. Quite a hoot. --Creators Syndicate
You can find copies (used) for as little as $2.37, and only $9.70 for new!  If anyone has this, I'd love to know if they like it.

Love and lardy cakes,
Betty Debbie


  1. Betty Helene here,


  2. Replies
    1. I just found this blog last month, I've been taking a rambling walk through it, not unlike one of La Neels' country loving heroines, I wasn't aware that someone had already posted about Passion's Fortune.

    2. Betty Helene, I don't know whether Betty Shilpa pulled all the Neels-relevant sections for us. If you find anything new, or if you just particularly like her "gynaecological manuals" comment and want to repeat it, I would certainly appreciate reading whatever you have to add!

  3. I spent $$ last night because of this post! I bought copies of both of the above, plus one extra called The Look of Love about book cover art. I found a decently priced Passion's Fortune on Abe. Think they'll be fun to read!

    Betty AnoninTX