Thursday, June 21, 2012

Betty AnoninTX Birthday Adventure. Part 1

Not to whinge or anything, but this has been/will be a tough week for me.  Why? Let me count the ways:
  1. Betty Keira is on vacation and is one of those archaic types who doesn't use a cell phone.
  2. I'm in charge of the planning, buying and preparing four meals for 150 people for Friday and Saturday (church activity).
  3. The van der Stevejincks are in the middle of a huge backyard renovation...the cement truck will be here today to pump yards of cement for a new patio and walkways.
  4. I'm having to type with only nine fingers as the middle finger on my left hand is rather clumsily bandaged...which will make #2 even more difficult (luckily I am familiar with the word 'delegate').
Okay, so I was whinging...usually Betty Keira would be the one to get an earful, thanks for your patience.  I needed it.
-Betty Debbie

Because of all the stress going on here at home, I was especially pleased to open my email this morning and find a new series (4 parts) from Betty AnoninTX.  Enjoy:

I have the hardest time ever deciding on something I want for Christmas or my birthday!  I have all the Betty Neels books.  What else is there?  My mother has had a hard and fast rule for years:  nothing she has to dust.  I've pretty much adopted the same rule, which has resulted in many fabulous Starbucks cards.  But this year, as I turned (cough, cough), I knew just what I wanted.  I seriously desperately desired a hamper from Fortnum & Mason.  I drooled, more times than I can count, over the exportable hampers.  I finally picked the "tea experience" one.  And, happy belated birthday to me, it came today!

Curiosity almost killed the portly cat.


  1. Happy belated birthday, Betty AnoninTX!
    A hamper from FORTNUM & MASON! This is so exciting! I can't wait for you to open the box. Look at the cat's cute little ears.

    'I have it sent over from Fortnum and Mason,' observed Mr van der Brons, reading her tell-tale expression. 'Be mother, will you, Charity? Teile and Letizia have a watered-down version.' So they had a pleasant tea, although Charity kept an anxious eye on the clock, keen not to outstay her welcome.
    The Final Touch

    'English afternoon tea,' said Christina with a twinkle, 'and in the winter Duert has crumpets sent from Fortnum and Mason.'She added simply, 'He spoils me...' Serena felt a sudden pang of envy—to be so loved...
    A Good Wife

    'Assam tea which Jake has sent from Fortnum and Mason, made in the English manner with milk.' Megan sat for another half-hour before suggesting that it was time for her to leave, and once again the car was brought round to the front ...
    The Quiet Professor

    ... they were busy in theatre, so that much of her free time was taken up with getting her clothes ready, and for another, Georgina came up to do some shopping and invited her to join her and Margo for tea at Fortnum and Mason, ...
    A Small Slice of Summer

    ... the drawing room was being got ready for the dancing and Mrs Woodley was busy in the kitchen making canapés for the party, although she had told Sadie that there would be a van coming from Fortnum and Mason with party food.
    A Girl to Love

    Over dinner, Augusta unburdened herself to those particular staff nurses who were her friends, and then in company with two of them who had half days, took herself out for a little window-shopping, followed by a recklessly extravagant tea at Fortnum and Mason's.
    Tulips for Augusta

    Shall we try Fortnum and Mason for the crackers and something for Mrs Beale, have lunch and take a look at some holiday clothes for you?' She was getting out of the car. 'All right, Lucius. You're sure you want me to come with you?'
    Roses and Champagne

    'Yes, I know that—but a special delivery man called after lunch with a Fortnum and Mason basket, I opened it because all the man said was "name of Bennett", the way they always do—-and it's crammed with fruit: three pineapples and grapes and those enormous pears and apples...there’s a note.'
    Pineapple Girl

    'Oh, I couldn't...' He said coolly: 'Don't be so old-fashioned, Caroline—it is perfectly permissible for a man to buy his future wife a dress should he wish to do so. We will go to Fortnum and Mason.' Caro goggled at him.
    Caroline’s Waterloo

    She got out, feeling self-conscious, and marched into Fortnum and Mason's beside him, consumed with a rage she didn't understand because it wasn't against the doctor at all — it was against her ordinary face and her straight hair and ...
    Enchanting Samantha

    The old-fashioned dresser was neatly stacked with a variety of tinned food of a most expensive kind; on the kitchen table stood a large wooden box, its Fortnum and Mason label clearly to be seen; she glimpsed a half unwrapped York ham inside, and a Dundee cake wedged beside it. Already on the table, half unpacked, were a Fuller’s chocolate cake, several tins of coq-au-vin, some Stilton cheese and a pot of Gentleman’s Relish.
    Cassandra by Chance

    Betty Anonymous

  2. Betty Barbara here, with a three part comment:
    to Betty Debbie--oh you poor, sweet babboo!!
    to Betty AnoninTx--Sweet! What a great birthday present! (and what a cute cat, too).
    to Betty Anonymous--Thank you for pulling out all those fabulous quotes!

  3. Oh, what a wonderful treat, both the basket for you, and the quotes for us!! Thank you for sharing!

  4. I want to love and squeeze that pudgeball of a cat.

    Betty von Susie

    P.S. And call him George.

    1. I want to squeeze him/her too! I love cats. My first cat, Pepper, has been living with my mom for the last 6 years because I developed an allergy. Pepper died last week of old age, and Mom was devastated. Thinking about sending her a sympathy card.

      "George" is perfect, as it could be either masculine or feminine in Neelsdom.

    2. Hey, everyone! I would love to see pictures of your pets if you have any. Betty Debbie, may we e-mail you some to post?

    3. Any Betty is always welcome to email submissions. As those of you who have previously submitted stuff to TUJD can verify - we're pretty good about posting within a day or two-ish. We love to see what our fellow Bettys are up to.

    4. I'm sorry about Pepper. It's hard. :(

      Betty AnoninTX

  5. I love all the Fortnum & Mason quotes! Reading about F&M in the Betty books is why I wanted a hamper. It's like a tiny connection with London and Betty in a small way.

    The gray furball is named Lucy aka LuLu aka Jellybelly aka Babygirl aka Miss Hissy Pants. As a kitten, she was dumped out at my school and rescued by a co-worker. She was in a box and was going to a barn after school. I went to that room for some reason, and these tiny silver toes reached out to me through a hole in the box. That's all it took. She went to the vet for blood tests and a good bath, and she's been my girl since then. She is very soft and squishy, but she also has very sharp teeth that she knows how to use. :) She's my shadow. There's nothing better than reading a Betty book and having a squishy cat for company.

    Betty AnoninTX

  6. And Betty Debbie, four meals for 150 people boggles the mind. Bless your heart.

    Betty AnoninTX

  7. I had a rescue dog named Pepper who only lived two years after I got her. She was a curly little black mop and I miss her muchos. I'm sorry about your little Pepper-kitty.

    Betty von Susie

  8. How'd the dinner go, Betty Debbie? I hope no sole Veronique fell in the fresh cement. And why, oh why, is it your middle finger that's busted? Not from overuse, I devoutly hope.

    Only three more meals to go! (Or two? or dare I hope just one?) Whoops, never mind -- west coast time, you probably still have all four. Sorry! Best wishes and best of British (British Columbian) luck!

  9. Dinner went fine, plenty of food and hardly any leftovers (which is a success in my book). I had lots of helpers.

    My finger isn't busted...exactly. I got a splinter a couple of months ago which has now developed into a pyogenic granuloma. It's pretty gross and fairly painful, but hopefully I'll be having it removed Monday.

  10. I'd accuse you of stealing that diagnosis from a Betty book, but I don't remember reading it...... ;)

    Hope you heal up soon.

    Betty von Susie