Friday, June 8, 2012

Free Cookbook

No, this isn't a contest.
We received an email from Betty Drisdy alerting us about this great deal!
Anyone with a kindle can download Traditional British Jubilee Recipes free from
Here's the link.

Traditional British Jubilee Recipes. 4 Book Collection - Cakes, Puddings, Scones and Biscuits (Traditional British Recipes) 

Thank you Betty Drisdy...did you know I have a kindle?  Now I just have to decide what to make...perhaps something in honor of my Queen's Jubilee Commemorative Tree.  I plan to name my tree Elizabeth (in honor of the queen), but call it Betty (in honor of you-know-who).
Our new little tree is a Katsura...which has heart shaped leaves and is supposed to smell like cotton candy in the fall.


  1. Alas, it might have been free yesterday (June 8th) but it's $2.99 now. Which may still be cheap at the price, but not, sadly, free.

    1. Bummer...I got a copy last night when it was free - I didn't know it would cost money today. I'll have to 'thumb' through it and make something soon.

      I've only actually paid for a handful of digital books - one or two Betty Neels, required reading for my youngest child (when getting a title from the library was inconvenient), a couple of Georgette Heyer (for vacation reading),Betty Tia's book (I Wish...).

      I really don't use my kindle much except for lightening my luggage while on vacation. It's lovely for that.

    2. I use it all the time, but I do have "price points" that seem high for me. ($2.99 doesn't seem high for a slim volume of recipes, btw. I'm just not sure I want my Kindle getting flour on it as I consult a recipe...)

    3. okay, I looked at the link's the deal - it's free (to borrow) if you have Amazon Prime.

    4. True, but there are all kinds of restrictions on "borrowing" that make it unattractive. (Not the least of which is, you have to give it back.) Not to worry; we'll all celebrate that YOU got it free, and wait eagerly for our invitation to the tea party! :-)

  2. I have become the reluctant owner of a Kindle Fire. We purchased it for my dear mother-in-law this Christmas. She sadly and unexpectedly passed away on April 28. As we were beginning to sort through some items, I was given the Kindle because everyone else had one or had a Nook. I'm slowly seeing a small use for it though. I'm a night owl and happily wander around all hours of the night. When I go to bed so late, I still read anyway. I can read the Kindle easily without having to bug my PRT with a book light or table lamp. I downloaded 5 Betty books. My PRT looked at me and said something to the effect of "you already have those don't you so why buy them again." Hmmpphh!

    Betty AnoninTX