Friday, June 22, 2012

Birthday Adventure Part 3

Part 3 of Betty AnoninTX's birthday adventure:

The hamper comes with tins of assam and ceylon orange pekoe tea, a tin of golden crunch biscuits (so good...), a tea strainer, and a **Dundee** cake in a tin.  It also has a book Tea at Fortnum & Mason.  I also ordered a tin of clotted cream biscuits (very rich and oh so good...) and a tea cup and saucer.


  1. skeeeee! I can't imagine I'd be an actual fan of the *taste* of Dundee cake, but I love the idea. Have you cut into it yet? How long does it keep? Is it all beautifully decorated with almond slivers and bits of citron, or is it more ascetic? I want one of those tea strainers! Is it silver plate? (Daren't think it's silver -- too dentable plus sadly dear.) Are you making cress sandwiches???? Does the tea book tell you you may have milk and sugar in the ceylon, but should stick to lemon for the assam?

    Happy, happy birthday!! What a fun gift!

    [Now composing myself in patience to await part 4.]

    1. Betty van den Betsy-you crack me up! Remember all the questions Gigi was singing to Gaston when he said he was taking her to Trouville? (You must have seen Gigi).

      What time tomorrow will we get there? / Can I watch you play roulette? / May I stay up late for supper? / Is it awfully awfully upper?/ Is everybody celebrated / full of sin and dissipated? / Is it hot enough to blister? / Will I be your little sister?

      I love that movie!

      Betty von Susie

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  3. Wrong interpunction. Let's try this again. Lovely pictures. Everything is so beautifully arranged. Well done, Betty AnoninTX!
    Betty Anonymous