Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Upcoming Reprise

Monday, June 11th.
The Proposal
Novella, little sister Lucy and Peggy - the R1/2DD's goddaughter.


  1. I guessed correctly. I sorted through my tupperware 'stacks' last night, feeling pretty sure this one was next. I cracked the code. LOL You told us you were going in order but sometimes that's not so easy to figure out. Unless there's a list elsewhere in your crazy chrono-illogical order.

    I've got the Christmas cover version, which gives me that cozy Christmas in almost July feel. And why is it in July anyway. June 25th would be half way, right.
    But hey, I've got a job interview tomorrow as a 'guest services' person (read part-time waitress, desk person, bed maker, and doer of the rough) at a small local college's guest lodging (hotel). I did get rehired at school to work with the young man with ASD, but this will be his last year and I need a backup. So hopefully they'll hire me for the summer and keep me on for nights and weekends in the fall.
    Positive thought and prayers especially requested and welcome. Add Betty Megan to that list. She's applied everywhere and hasn't found anything yet. 16 is a crappy age for finding work.
    Now I'm babbling like a Betty heroine in the car with a surly RDD...
    Can you tell schools out for summer! I'm taking the time to play while I still have it.

  2. I'll pray for you and Betty Megan, Betty Mary! Is Betty Megan looking for experience, money, or both? I hear pet sitting and dog walking for neighbors while they're on vacation is a good deal.