Friday, June 15, 2012

The Great Betty Talent Show

We received this entry yesterday. Ummm...can I just say I'm gobsmacked? Betty Anonymous has hit the red ball out of the park, figuratively speaking.

Speaking of The Great Betty Talent Show, yes, we here at TUJD have been a bit lackadaisical about announcements, rules, reminders...yes, the whole nine or ten or eleven yards (here is the post where we discussed rules...such as they are).  We've received 3 or 4-ish entries - so far (I'm counting this cake, the Litrik van Hotness photoshop post, Betty AnoninTX's extended Betty in the National Parks series, and Betty van den Betsy for her Betty By the Numbers series. Have I missed any?). We have 6 prizes to distribute, so here's the deal.  We'll close out the Talent Show when Betty Keira returns from vacation - around the 26th or 27th. 

Tot ziens!
Betty Debbie


  1. Betty Barbara here--
    Wow! That is so pretty and the slice looks sooo yummy. (And I notice that it is a proper size slice--none of this Veronica-ish tiny wedge nonsense.)
    Recipe, please, Betty Anonymous.

    1. That slice was the first part of dinner and the first square (triangular) meal I had that day.
      The cake part - It's so easy to make!
      Cocoa Fudge Cake (from my Betty Crocker’s Baking Classics (Took about 70 !!! minutes in our springform pan.)

      The icing:
      Wilton Buttercream (Pure white, see Step 4, shortening only, no butter flavour)
      Betty Anonymous

    2. Betty Barbara says "Thank you" and goes off to unearth her springform pan and check the pantry for ingredients.
      (Whistling cheerfully....)

  2. Betty Anon, I love the play on words on cake. Can you imagine what casual visitors to this blog site might think? We Bettys have our own secret catchphrases and code language!

    1. Yes. Code words like "Brighton" and "Veronica" and "RDD" and "socking great Bentley." Oh, wait. That last one isn't code language at all. They really ARE socking great Bentleys.

      Never mind.

    2. I drove to work behind a Bentley today! I don't know for how long -- I'm woefully oblivious to car brands, and didn't realize what I was tailing until stopped at the really loooong light, when I started reading the car in front of me to pass the time. It was very shiny and black, and not unusually large (or sockingly great) by US standards (think Cadillac, Sebring, Lincoln Town Car) -- but in the UK it would be immense. (I think I've driven the Fiesta, the Corsa, the Astra and the Polo in various rentacar excursions.)

      A few weeks ago, I was behind a shiny black Rolls Royce. Empathize, please, with my distress when I passed it in the stop-and-go and noticed that its hood/bonnet was a light- to mid-gray, which looked very flashy and not at all well-bred. You can kind of see it here, though the official photos make it look much less appalling than it did on the street.

      Wash DC was not always so rife with millionaires. Whoops -- is that a shoal looming before me?

    3. Betty Barbara here--
      Well, I had my sighting of a shocking great Bentley several months back in Columbia, Maryland--aka the suburbs!!
      This model, but in black. That's a mere 190,000 dollars (US) for the base model.
      We don't get many Rolls-Royces out here, but we do have a bunch of Jaguars in the general vicinity.

  3. Oh dear. First, love the cake! :) But, seriously, could you consider my RDD Bobblehead as an entry? Certainly it's creative, on target, and done with my own two widdle hands.

    And I do still peek in from time to time.


  4. Admittedly, I did write my 5-6 haiku just to be silly, but I still think they should be counted as an entry.

    Betty von Susie