Friday, April 8, 2011

A Request from Betty Mary

Via email from Betty Mary:

Dear Keira and Debbie,

I haven't been able to check in much this week. Last Friday my Daughter-in-law discovered she couldn't see out of one eye. She hadn't told us yet, but she was also about 2 mos pregnant. I've pasted the details below. Could you please keep [my daughter-in-law] and my son  in your prayers. This will be there 4th baby. Love, Mary
P.S. I have no problem with you sharing the general details with the other Betty's.

Could you please pray for my daughter-in-law and son and the family.
Last Friday [DIL] found out her retina had detached. It is almost completely unheard or for it to happen at her age (30) with apparently no trauma causing it, no warnings, flashes, floaters etc. Making things more serious and complicated is the fact that she is newly pregnant. Their local eye surgeon wanted to operate that day, but [DIL] & son did not want to endanger the baby, who they guessed was about 8 weeks along. Now that things make a little more sense and they are getting the story out themselves to their local people, I feel I can share it with you. Here's the novena they are saying. St. Lucy (aka Santa Lucia) is the patron saint of eye diseases. Feel free to join in anytime. The surgery is tentatively scheduled for 4/25, the day after Easter, so there is lots of time to say it once or twice. So far, they are handling everything and trying to keep things quiet for [DIL], who must have complete bed rest until the surgery. For now we ask only for your prayers and positive thoughts and actions offered for their intentions. Mary

Dear Betty Mary,
We are happy to pass along your request to our community of Bettys. To paraphrase the Beatles, 'we get by with a little help from our friends...'


  1. Betty Barbara here--
    Oh Betty Mary-
    Good wishes flowing towards your DIL. May she have NO complications, safe surgery and speedy recovery.

  2. Add my best wishes and prayers along with the many others!

  3. Betty Mary -- My brother had that condition last year, and everything worked out okay. I'm going to keep all thinking positive -- your DIL will have the same result!

  4. Thanks everyone. It's so good to know that people are thinking of and praying for my DIL all over the world. We are also hopeful that the surgery will restore her site, and trust that the doctors can do that. It's the baby that we feel is in jeopardy, thus the extra bed time for the DIL and prayers that the baby won't be lost or injured in the process by the anesthesia.
    We're going today to celebrate the middle kids 4th birthday. It will be just the two immed. families, quiet, but we still have to party for Kee-kee!