Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Question of the Week

I love The Little Dragon and, as I mentioned in my review, it reminds me of one of those British farces with doors opening and shutting everywhere and characters running all over the house with barely-concealed glee/bewilderment/fear.  So that got me thinking:

What Neels novels do you think would work best as movies?

"Would she ever forgive him for being loaded?...and ripped?"


  1. It's no secret that Caroline's Waterloo is one of my fav's...but I don't think it would translate well into a major motion picture. Here's a couple that I think would be great:

    Saturday's Child has possibilities...there's the dramatic drive across Europe, fun family retainer, and several jobs to pick and choose - PLUS the ending is pretty darn awesome.

    Henrietta's Own Castle (but only if Loes is played by someone older - NOT a nineteen year old). Again, an action scene with the airplane down and another awesome ending.

  2. Couldn't agree more - Caroline's Waterloo would be fabulous,but I also think that The Chain of Destiny (think about - international travel, secret rendezvous,fire, history . . .) I have often wondered why they haven't used her books for a movie - what a chick flick!

  3. And the terrible thing about rom-cons these days is how terrible they are. Any Neels book, if used as the bare bones, would make a wonderful film.

  4. Betty Barbara here--
    You are so right! Almost any Betty plot would work wonders as a RomCom script!
    And all those Betty heroines with wide mouths--think Julia Roberts (now a bit old, but...)or Anne Hathaway.

  5. The only Harlequin I can remember that was made into a movie was "The Snow Leopard" many years ago. Don't think is was a very good movie. Any Betty story would be better in my book! Anyone with an earthquake would be big right now.

  6. I totally agree with you all. One would think that Hallmark would've made a movie of one of Betty's books already. There have been other books with smaller fan-base (in my opinion) that have been made (i.e., Love Comes Softly). And Betty would be rated PG at most (those Dutch oaths, you know).

  7. There have been many Harlequins made into movies -Netflix carries a bunch of them. They actually have their own production company. They definitely Go To Brighton, though. :(


  8. Does Harlequin still make those movies? I had a little adventure. I loved the actor in the movie set in French wine country about ballooning, it was called (I think) Cloud Waltzer. Anyhow, I found his web page and somehow started corresponding with him (just a little don't want to exaggerate here) and actually met him for coffee. I'm sure married, but a really nice guy with virtually none of the sex appeal in person he had on the screen. Thought was was just fascinating!!