Sunday, October 24, 2010

Betty Goes to Church

The service wasn't so hard to follow with Tonia and Rolf to look after her. When Rolf got up to join the other elders and take the collection she didn't look up from her hymn book; not until he was standing beside their pew, holding the little black velvet bag on its long cane handle - which she might have found amusing if it hadn't been Rolf holding it - did she look up to find him gazing at her, his face grave but with a look in his eye to send the delicate pink sweeping over her face. she bent her head and kept it bent when he returned to sit beside her for the sermon, which was long, so that her thoughts began to wander...
-Tangled Autumn


  1. Like I said, Church Counts, as a courting place. My cousin tells a delightful story about meeting her husband at a pilgrimage site, and having the classic I LOVE THIS GUY moment while he was sitting in the pew next to her. My family has been strangely blessed with these pilgrimage courtships. My older sister, my brother, my cousin, and I all met our spouses during Marian pilgrimages or at shrines. I've often thought this would make a good book series. LOL

  2. I would say that church is a much healthier place to court than the internet! However, my daughter and son in law met online, so it can work out! I think my kids were too familiar to consider any of the kids they grew up with, but at least they have lifelong, healthy friendships with a lot of them.
    But then again, I'm still learning about "adventures" my now grown kids had when they were little and no grownup was looking...

  3. Oh, I know what you mean by Adventures. The 5 who are over 21 allude to many events that might curl my toes. But being a wise ole bootiful muver --- shamelessly borrowing from G.L.Hill since I currently am reading Head of the House--- I've decided to agree with one of my Granddads favorite quotes: Where ignorance is bliss, tis folly to be wise.