Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Betty Neels Travel Bingo

Last week (on the discussion thread for Tangled Autumn) Betty JoDee asked where she could get a "Betty Neels Travel Bingo". It would be a blast to do an actual Betty Neels Travel Bingo and include specific places that are mentioned in her books. What would make that even better would be the chance to use it.

A few years ago, when Dr. van der Stevejinck and I were celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary, we took a 3 week trip to Europe. Before going, Betty Keira challenged me to make up a 'travel bingo' game. At first I wasn't quite sure what she was talking about - but then the shear genius of the idea hit me. Hit me like a ton of bricks. I made a 5 by 5 grid and filled in each one with something we might conceivably see or do on our trip - and we had to take a picture of it. In fact, if you see the picture next to my name in the comments section (Dr. van der Stevejinck and I are engaging in a bit of public snogging) - that was a picture from that bingo game. As I remember it, we were supposed to 'kiss in a castle', while in the Frederiksborg Castle, in Denmark, we were able to check off that box for the game. It's too bad we weren't doing this blog then, because I could have so checked off a TON of Betty Neels places. As it was, we did go to a lot of places that are mentioned in her books. Ah well, I guess I'll just have to save up and go again.

Next week Betty Keira and I (with our husbands) will be going to Hawaii for a few days. We are even now working on our 'Betty Equivalent Travel Bingo - Hawaii Edition'. Swimming in tropical waters will stand in for swimming in the North Sea (very gratefully - especially since the North Sea is pretty chilly this time of year), a visit to the Polynesian Cultural Center will replace the Arnhem Open Air Museum in get the idea.
We are totally willing to take suggestions. What would you put on it?


  1. Get a savory crepe from the crepe guy in Waikiki. He only takes cash and when I came back with cash he was closed.

  2. savory crepes = spek pannekoek
    Great Betty Equivalent. Where do we find this 'crepe guy'?

  3. Betty Barbara here--
    Former Hawaii resident speaking--
    Driving up Haleakala (on Maui)--any one of the scenic mountain drives in Norway.
    Driving to the North Shore of Oahu--all those drives in Holland to see the ocean, and walk along the beach. (or drive to Kailua on the Windward side--great beach and some nice shops).
    Can't quite come up with an equiv. for the Pearl Harbor/Arizona Memorial--
    Iolani Palace--pick your favorite Betty foreign former royal palace (Vienna, Heidelberg, etc)
    Ala Moana Center--any major shopping district.
    Royal Hawaiian Hotel (historic pink part)--any top London hotel.
    and so on and so on.
    Have a great trip. I am full of travel envy.

  4. OH and don't forget the Bhuddist monastary by the wicked cool orchid place. The crepe guy is in some mall below ground right in the middle of Waikiki. Also enjoy a spin through the lobby of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. I wanted to see it but it was being remodeled when I was there.

  5. Betty Barbara here--
    oh Samurai Mom--the Byodo-In Temple outside Kaneohe is soooo interesting and (as you would expect)calming. I assume you mean Senator Fong's Plantation when you say 'orchid place'. That old time homestead is also a nice refuge from the busy-ness of the tourist rush. Good call. I am sure Our Betty's heroines visited famous gardens.

  6. Thank you Betty Barbara! I just finished reading The Girl With Green Eyes - the main characters go to the Keukenhof gardens to see the tulips.