Sunday, October 31, 2010

Betty Goes to Church

Aunt Maud had been wrong; the hat did something for her, she looked almost pretty. She winced at the memory of the severe felt she had purchased for church-going last winter, with her aunt's unqualified approval. The next hat she bought, she vowed, turning her head this way and that before the mirror, she would buy by herself, and it would be a hat to shock the family, the village churchgoers and the parson himself.
The Magic of Living


  1. I am just old enough - 43 - (and VT is always 10 years behind the other 49 states) that when I went to church as a little girl in the early 70s I always wore a little hat and white gloves and patent leather mary janes with lacy trimmed ankle socks and a little wicker purse with plastic? silk? flowers on it. I never, ever see little girls wearing those types of clothes at church any more, LOL! I do sometimes see some lovely and practical Hanna Anderson-style dresses, that look very comfy and charming. I am a get dressed for church kind of person, usually a skirt or dress, but pants often on cold winter days. And I never make my 2 boys dress up in shirts and ties except on holidays. Otherwise, they look like they do every other day, jeans or sweats and tees!

  2. Oh, you haven't seen my little girl. Every Sunday dressed like a confection.

  3. My kids are in dress shirts (usually sans ties though that will change when they're 12-ish) and slacks (if I can find the dress socks they wear those too--notice my use of 'if'). Daughter is in a dress or skirt. I don't think any of us rise to the degree of confectionery, Betty Kylene.

    I wonder what a hat would do for me but as I am not a Baptist, I shall never know... ;0)

  4. My little girls wear church dresses, mary janes, and ankle socks or tights every Sunday, usually hats and purses (never white before Easter), and gloves on Easter. My parents brought me up the way they were brought up: one wears one best to the Lord's house--I've never seen a reason to change. It brings smiles and compliments from folks we encounter--maybe makes them think of their own childhoods. It's not uncommon for the ladies of our church (myself included) to don hats as well--what fun! I think Betty Keira should go for it with a hat--we want pictures if you do.

  5. In my mom's ward (Mormon for parish)all the old ladies (they are snowbirds down in Arizona) wore hats in honor of a friend who was in chemotherapy for weeks on end. It was a lovely gesture but hats are generally not de rigeur for Mormon services. (Not frowned upon but I can't ever remember seeing a grown woman wearing one--little girls on Easter Sunday might.)
    I do have a little religious envy when watching video of black Southern Baptist churches and the head-finery on display.
    The unspoken dress code for our church is women in dresses (or skirts)generally just above the knee or longer, no sleeveless tops and nothing too plunging. Men in dress shirts,ties and slacks and some come in suits but as we have family all together for the first meeting most men don't want to chance kid-snot on their suit coats... Hence, why most of my dresses are patterned.