Monday, April 5, 2010

Top Ten Reasons to Read a Betty Neels Book

Top Ten Reasons to Read a Betty Neels Book
(by Betty JoDee) excellent way to avoid “doing the rough” or even lighter housework (This one was suggested by Professor van der Hertenzoon; and yes, he is finding the couch quite comfortable, thank you.)

9...learn that a pot of tea cures all (take that, penicillin, sulfa drugs, and the polio vaccine!)

8...practice Dutch without the verb conjugation (they only get muddled anyway)

7...confirm that a woman’s eyes are her best feature (I have a vested interest in this one); anorexic, bony chests BAD, splendid, well-rounded figures GOOD

6...makes English food seem edible (hey, they don’t call the genre “fiction” for nothing).

5. preparation for the Great Outdoors: gathering wood for the furnace, warming hot water on the Aga, baking in tin ovens over gas burners, dropping coins in gas meters to avoid freezing, hot water bottles to warm up freezing sheets

4. surnames such as Raukema van der Fallincanal ter Humperdink makes one appreciate one’s own otherwise always misspelled and mispronounced married name

3. contains no side trips to Brighton and consistently demonstrates that Brighton experience not necessary for excursions to Dorset and Utrecht countrysides

2. it’s like re-reading Jane Eyre over and over again with a Dutch twist. AND . . .

1. handsome Dutch doctors!!!


  1. Betty JoDee -- Wonderful! And so true about the tea. Brit Hub 1.0 wasn't quite the Assam Addict that Betty Ross is, but I still learned the very proper way to make tea, complete with "warming the pot" first. And Betty Ross is addicted to "the Sweet Elixir of Life" (as we call it here at Huis de Mijnheer Kruiswoordraadsels) -- if he doesn't drink enough tea, he gets headaches!

  2. Hugh Jackman...Well played, Betty JoDee.

  3. I loved this -- thank you Betty JoDee!