Wednesday, April 21, 2010


What's super easy to make, pretty fast, and turn out looking fabulous? Crumpets.

I was very surprised at how easy these were to make. The hardest thing about them was finding rings to cook them in. I looked at several stores and found only "egg rings" - which would probably work fine - but I wasn't willing to pay $2-$3 per ring for something that might not get much use. What I did end up finding were some inexpensive round metal cookie cutters. They set me back 50 cents each (I bought out the store - they had 5 in stock). If you can't find something that cheap, I'd say to start saving short cans - like the ones pineapple comes in.

I found a recipe here at and pretty much just followed it. There was nothing hard about it. The one tip I would add is that you really need to keep your temperature just below medium. I used a large, flat electric griddle and set the temperature to just below 300' - that worked great. As soon as the crumpets started pulling away from the side of the rings I picked up the rings with a pair of tongs and started another batch cooking - it saved a ton of time. The crumpets should not be turned until the top is dry looking - but they were able to stand up just fine without the ring after about 3-5 minutes.

My family ate the entire batch - I had mine with butter and blackberry jam, the boys and Dr. van der Stevejinck tried them with syrup too. Yum.


  1. Those looks seriously good. Do they taste slightly eggy?

  2. The recipe I used doesn't call for they didn't taste eggy.

  3. Cheers from London for Betty Debbie and her inspirational approach to crumpets, which I normally buy ready-made at my supermarket but which would be much nicer made fresh, methinks. I do hope that you were able to enjoy yours with "golden syrup" rather than having to settle for maple syrup (maple is a delightful thing but not quite as delicious as Lyle's Golden Syrup made from sugarcane). Betty Neels would be proud of you, Betty Debbie. A 'dab hand at crumpets' is how she'd describe you: high praise.

  4. It's funny that someone commented on this particular post today of all days. I had some errands in Seattle - so I ended up having brunch with my daughter-in-law at The Crumpet Shop. this was my DIL's first time to have crumpets - she fell in I'll be teaching her to make them soon.

    I can't find my cheat sheet, so here's the link: