Thursday, April 15, 2010

Betty and the Real World

The Promise of Happiness has a ton of real world touchstones. Let's get going:
Whatever Lola wants Lola gets And little man, little Lola wants you Make up your mind to have no regrets Recline yourself, resign yourself, you're through

Hubba-hubba. Tiele is a man of parts...

  • In Norway, Teile and Becky share a view of the 'famous Molde panorama'--not a circular painting as it turns out but a sweeping vista of 220 peaks. If ever a certain Baron was looking for a little spot of snogging out at Inspiration Point he could take his pick, now couldn't he.
  • When they travel with the Baroness they hit the high spots. Dinner at Saur's in Den Haag (the set dinner will cost you 55 Euros these days) and then a stay at The Connaught--recently renovated with what The Telegraph calls 'embellished with lashings of gilt'. Lashings of anything are right up our alley here at The Uncrushable Jersey Dress...
  • In Hamburg the Baroness travels past the Kennedybruke (of course that u has an umlaut but I can't be bothered)--The Kennedy Bridge. There is another in Bonn with the same name--renamed 10 days after the assassination (what a lovely gesture of solidarity)--but I can't find info on the Hamburg one. Same idea? Perhaps.
The Moon For Lavinia glances past reality as well:
  • In Greek mythology, Lavinia was the second wife of Aeneas. I know, that sent me diving for the dusty copy of Virgil's Illiad too...Aeneas has a year-long affair with Helga...erm...Dido, the un-stable Carthaginian queen who commits suicide in a messy way when he leaves her. It is as that follow-up that Lavinia's serenity and non-stabbing/pyre-self-immolation really shine.


  1. Kennedybr√ľke

    Here's a handy cheat sheet for html codes!

    And just to bring your post full circle, my mother named a cat Dido. (Dog --> named Lola --> real life quote --> cat . . . never mind.)