Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Word of the Day

pl. lol·lies Chiefly British
a. A piece of candy, especially hard candy.
b. A lollipop.
2. Money.

Use: Good thing the old Dutchman is rolling in lolly because I plan to make him to succumb to my ill-mannered tartlet-ness.

The Formidable Betty would only let villains, villainesses or charming Cockney servants use the word 'lolly'. Though she likes her heroes wealthy there is no reason to become boorish enough to mention it.

In the mid-90s (when I was still bothering to be remotely hip) an Americanism equivalent of 'lolly' was 'duc-age'--'Duc' for ducats and 'age' for "I'm a slacker and finishing words properly would betray an unseemly interest in the world".