Saturday, April 17, 2010


In The Moon for Lavinia our heroine takes Sibby and Peta to a military tattoo. On the flimsiest of relationships this prompts me to discuss body art.

This Betty went with her children to a water park earlier this week--our great, socking Toyota minivan eating up the miles in fecund elegance. Water parks are not something that I see our Betty heroines doing. Deep-bosomed matronly types who come and do the rough might and as I've always related to that sort...

Anyway, it turns out that the Pacific Northwest has a heavily tattooed population--which you might not generally know unless you're willing to wade in with the chlorinated masses. So, some of my favorites:
  • One man had "In Vino Veritas" on one arm and something else in Latin running from shoulder to wrist on the other arm. I know it was classy because it was Latin.
  • One very plain smile face (circle, two dots, smile line) on an upper shoulder of a man old enough to look foolish sporting it.
  • Assorted eagles, hearts, wings, et. al.
So, my question is, if you as a faithful Betty were to sport a tattoo...what would it be?

Mine would be 'Araminta' and I would put it on the least saggy place on my body. (The bottom of the foot?)