Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cover Art Contest Reminder

Calling all Bettys! Just a few more days for this month's cover art contest. I know, I know...this cover seems soooo random. But hey, that leaves plenty of scope for the imagination.

I'll give it another shot:
"The tiny man across the canal called to Lavinia. She turned away - never would she forget the love she had for the man that looked like a ringer for John Forsythe."

Here is Betty Magdalen's entry:
Lavinia's thought balloon: "I'm so glad Central Casting sent me this head shot of John Forsythe. While he's not quite right as an exemplar for my the RDD of my dreams -- the hair is a bit pouffy and he looks too American -- it's close enough. I should be able to find my RDD with this!"

The deadline is extended to midnight(ish) this Friday (or, before I get up on Saturday morning - which is usually around 7am). Results will be posted sometime Saturday (whenever the Grand Poobah Arbiters of Everything get around to it!). Leave your entry here in the comments or email it to us and we'll put it in for you.


  1. Lavinia looked over her shoulder, away from the car sinking into the canal. The carnage was too vast and having great hair wasn't going to solve anything. She mustn't look across the canal to that house with the incongruously large and modern window ever again. It would only remind her of the screams of help coming from the man, frozen in shock, standing on the water. Only John Forsythe's picture could ever hope to make things right again.

  2. Lavinia grasped her picture of hope. Trapped in a row house as a scullery maid, her step mother often staged accidents in the canal to attract the attentions of the Dutch doctor.

  3. email contribution from Betty Maria

    Okay, here's my try:

    "Lavinia had turned away from the window, through which could be seen a man resignedly gazing at an oddly-colored car half-submerged in the canal. She needed to find the perfect spot to hang the photograph of the mysterious large man with the lint-fair hair and the beautifully cut suit. Not that she would ever see him again, she told herself sensibly; he seemed very important, and no doubt was dining at the moment with a glamorous blonde with the right clothes and friends."

    By the way, when I dreamily clutch a photo of my beloved to my chest, it is usually facing me, the better to receive girlish lovestruck cooings and kisses (when my clutch loosens a bit). I realize that it has been many years since I indulged in such behavior (as the Original is usually about the place to receive coos and kisses in person)...did this strike anyone else as odd (yes, yes, I know it's necessary to show his face...but still...)?

    Betty Maria

  4. Taking a break from her vastly underappreciated job as companion to a cantankerous cousin, Lavinia gazed across the street at the handsome Dr. van Humperdinck. She admired his graying temples as they shone in the sun, not unlike her dear father's in the portrait she clutched. If only she hadn't lost her father in that terrible auto accident at the canal! Still, being a practical sort, she had devoted herself to caring for her assortment of rescue dogs as well as her feckless sister Davina and her great aunt's cousin Gertrude.