Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Question of the Week

A Kiss for Julie's Esme is one of the most delightful adolescents of Neeldom--with her ability to mortify her family with embarrassing disclosures, adopt strangers on the flimsiest provocation and enter into amusements whole-heartedly reminds me forcibly of my daughter...who is seven.

Anyway, on the night of the La Boheme excursion Esme, poor dear, is wearing one of Julie's old shirts (taken in everywhere) under a pinafore dress fashioned out of an ancestor's blue velvet cloak. She confides to Simon that Julie is really quite a good sewer but that he shouldn't inspect the seams (which motto is practically etched in the metal on my 70s era solid-steel Kenmore sewing machine).

And that's not the first (or last) time an outfit has to from it's intended purpose.

My question is...What are your Improvisational Fashion Greatest Hits?

Mine include a lot of post-pregnancy desperation and (when a teenager) wads of toilet tissue stuffed into Betty Suzanne's dancing shoes...


  1. I'll have to think about the question a bit, but what first comes to mind is that much of my teenage wardrobe seemed to rely on safety pins.

  2. Every time I have a baby the pregnancy clothes (the only clothes that really fit) are insupportable and my regular clothes aren't constructed solely out of elastic bands so I jury rig things with belts and long shirts--wow, I'm a mess for at least 4 weeks but refuse to buy new clothes that I will hate and will be out of in short order.