Wednesday, April 14, 2010

100% Pure Betty

More in the continuing series of back of the book, above the blurb, come-buy-me sentences. What do we find?:

The job came along at the perfect time--Last April Fair (In these perilous times of economic difficulty...)

She swore she would never marry a rich man!--The Little Dragon (I never swear.)

She wanted him for herself--Heidelberg Wedding (He's a RDD, everyone wants him for herself.)

Alone in the world without a job--The Chain of Destiny (Get your two-year degree in Accounting, Nursing, Bookkeeping, Criminal Justice, Marketing, Physical Therapy, Web Design, as a Dental Hygienist or Veterinary Technician...)

"You want me?"--A Girl in a Million (Are you talking to me?)

"A rather dull girl with no looks to speak of."--Magic in Vienna (...who will nonetheless have me routed in 100 pages or less.)