Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Taste of Neels

Betty Magdalen sent us a package. A package of yum. Props to Betty Keira for not opening jars until I got to her house a few days later (she did open the package, so as to put things in the fridge). We managed to get Betty Tia and Betty Kylene to come over for the tasting. Here is the list of suspects:

  • lemon curd. yum (I could and did eat some right out of the jar).
  • strawberry preserves. yum.
  • clotted cream. Oh my stars and garters, yum. (note to self, remove from refrigerator a little sooner next time)
  • McVitie's Chocolate Digestive Biscuits. Much superior to the lame-o French ones.
  • crumpets. Who knew? Yum.
  • scones. I shall have to work on these a bit, but besides being a tad dry (my fault), an excellent vehicle for clotted cream, strawberry preserves and lemon curd.

After sampling the crumpets I decided that I need to add crumpets to my list of things to try and make. Soon. Very soon.

Many thanks to Betty Magdalen for her generosity (and for possibly getting me addicted to crumpets). I'm searching the inter-web-nets for possible places to buy the McVities locally, oh, and many, many thanks for the lemon curd and last (and best of all) the clotted cream.