Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cherry Napoleon

This is another recipe by the numbers...
  1. Cut puff pasty into desired shapes. Cook according to package directions.
  2. Make or buy filling. I used cherries from my garden - that I pitted and froze last summer. I heated the cherries on the stove added a little water so that there would be a little syrup, and then thickened with cornstarch. I may or may not have added a touch of lemon juice and a spoonful or two of sugar.
  3. Assemble. Use lashings of whipped cream as desired.

A few weeks ago I made vol-au-vents with puff pastry. I didn't want to waste the leftover pastry, so I cut it in triangles and baked it. I already had whipped cream in the fridge, so all I needed was some filling. The frozen cherries worked quite well, except they made the napoleons a bit teetery and inclined to topple over. It's all good - they tasted just fine whether they were standing up or laying down.

My youngest is not a fan of cherries, so I made him a couple of these dusted with powdered sugar with chocolate syrup drizzled over. He was quite happy with his.