Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cherry Napoleon

This is another recipe by the numbers...
  1. Cut puff pasty into desired shapes. Cook according to package directions.
  2. Make or buy filling. I used cherries from my garden - that I pitted and froze last summer. I heated the cherries on the stove added a little water so that there would be a little syrup, and then thickened with cornstarch. I may or may not have added a touch of lemon juice and a spoonful or two of sugar.
  3. Assemble. Use lashings of whipped cream as desired.

A few weeks ago I made vol-au-vents with puff pastry. I didn't want to waste the leftover pastry, so I cut it in triangles and baked it. I already had whipped cream in the fridge, so all I needed was some filling. The frozen cherries worked quite well, except they made the napoleons a bit teetery and inclined to topple over. It's all good - they tasted just fine whether they were standing up or laying down.

My youngest is not a fan of cherries, so I made him a couple of these dusted with powdered sugar with chocolate syrup drizzled over. He was quite happy with his.


  1. That looks yum!!
    I finally got my wish of trying out a food item mentioned in Neels books. I am a vegetarian so I cannot appreciate Lobstor Thermidor or Boeuf en croute :( BUT...
    My husband and I took a trip to Vermont last summer and got to eat at this Dutch Pancake cafe in Stowe VT. I dragged my husband to breakfast there just so I could eat pannekoeken. I still carry a pic in my phone of the ones we

  2. Small world, I live in VT, about 30 miles from Stowe, and we enjoy the Dutch Pancake Cafe in the Grey Fox Inn as a special occasion destination. (BTW Bettys, it is the kind of place that our beloved Neels would like and that a Neelsian Dutch doctor would take an English nurse.) It's school vacation here this week, and we got 14 inches of snow on Wednesday! But it's almost all melted and supposed to be in the 70s today and all weekend. So I'm making my boys their favorite breakfast treat: a Dutch Baby. It's a puffy, buttery, oven pancake that they eat with powdered sugar on top. It actually doesn't appeal to my husband and I at all, but I loved it when my not-Dutch grandmother made it for me as a child. It takes about 45 minutes to make and cook so it's usually a weekend-only treat, but to celebrate the last Friday of school vacation I've got one in the oven now....

  3. Serioulsy small world. I LOVED that trip. We went to all these dear little towns near by, fell in love with an art gallery, walked around Frost's home (of course I am a Poetry geek) and I got to see the July 4th fireworks!! I always end up missing the fireworks so it was a great way to end the trip for me :)

  4. Dutch Babies are a van Voorhees treat. My quarter Dutch (quarter Mexican) kids beg for them. YUM!

  5. BritHub 2.0 and I stayed at Top Notch, just outside of Stowe, for a week in 2008. Alas, all the food was included, so we didn't get Dutch anything. Maybe next time!