Saturday, April 3, 2010

British Superheroes

Captain America has long been my favorite American superhero. What's not to like? Scrawny art student is rejected for reasons of a weak constitution from joining the fight against the Third Reich. Undaunted, he signs up for a secret military project to produce 'the perfect warrior specimen' (er...not to quibble here but that sounds a little Hitlerian, no?). They give him Super-Soldier-Serum (hmmm, all those 'S's ring a Nazi bell) subject him to Vita-Rays (neat-o!) and send him off to smash some Panzers.

In Tulips For Augusta, I thought The Venerable Betty had real potential for crafting her own British version of Captain America. Though he is a peripheral character, the name George England is chock-a-block with comic book brilliance.

Obviously, he'd be wrapped head-to-toe in the Union Jack, have St. George's dragon emblazoned on his shield and would fight soul-destroying bureaucracy at the offices of the EU.

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