Friday, April 23, 2010

Cinema Betty

A Kiss For Julie. The choice was easy. Harassed intellectual boss with explosive secretary?

Ball of Fire

'Sugarpuss' O-Shea (the Mighty Barbara Stanwyck) needs to lay low from her mobster boyfriend (Slim Sid?) and is happy to use the pedantic Good Professor (Gary Cooper) for those ends...Yum-yum ensues.

Two Weeks to Remember: Betty does skis? I had to go with another Betty...near skis. Miss Grable is taken off to a snow bound cabin for a spot of don't-tell-the-wife and ends up snagging the forest ranger. Can't remember if she actually gets on skis but it is a weekend to remember.

How To Marry a Millionaire

Poor Betty Grable's agent probably said these words, "Sure...ah...that...ah...Marilyn is signed up as another leggy blonde but they promised to put her in glasses." This is Miss Monroe in glasses: I know, I know. It's got sex kitten written all over it and Poor Betty Grable has to make do with appearing short and mis-dressed. She ought to have fired her stylist, broken out a certain bikini and showed an unnamed blonde starlet how to be a patriotic fantasy for the entire European Theatre.

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  1. Right, but Betty Betty ends up with the dreamy Forest Service guy. A lot to be said for marriage to a guy who can keep you warm through the night...