Saturday, April 10, 2010

Drumroll, Please.

And the winner is:

Betty Maria.

The Grand Poobah Arbiters of Everything finally got together (virtually) this afternoon:

Hey, Betty Keira.
We need to pick a winner.
Who do you think should win?
Betty Maria.
Really? Me too.
Congratulations to Betty Maria, and thank you to all who participated. We love seeing what our talented Bettys come up with.


  1. via email:

    Really? Because several of the other entries made me (figuratively) snort coffee onto my keyboard with amusement. I wish I could pluck a phrase from La Neels to use for accepting awards, but since she resolutely keeps her heroines from vainglorious worldly accomplishments (marrying an RDD is virtue's own reward), I will merely say that I am pleased to in some small way participate in a blog whose writers and commenters always bring a smile into my day. Thanks!

    Betty Maria

  2. Barbara here--
    Congrats to Betty Maria!! You go girl!!!!
    Okay, I've entered 2 cover ad lib contests and I've bombed on both--obviously I need to re-read the Betty Neels oeuvre and absorb more Neels-ness.
    Thanks to all the Bettys for a wonderful site.

  3. It was very kind of Betty Debbie to include that old picture of me at the top of the post. My tiara doesn't get many airings...;0)

  4. Silly Betty Keira. That's a picture of me, gritting my teeth in a grimace-like smile as I hear that once again that I didn't win the award.

    Graciousness in defeat: that's what my pale blue sash represents.

    Congratulations, Betty Maria!