Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Secretary is Not a Toy

Betty Debbie and I both noticed that the books we reviewed this week had secretaries as heroines. While not uncommon in Neelsdom, this occupation sticks fairly closely to cartoon skills:
  • Shorthand typist
  • File clerking
  • Coffee/Tea bringer
  • Schedule (you BET I'm saying it SHED-yule in my head) juggling
  • Heading blonde, brassy Mevrouws and Missus-es off at the pass
Which got me thinking. Do secretaries/executive or administrative assistants still need to know shorthand and have any shorthand knowledge or did that all go out with the desktop computer?

1 comment:

  1. During jury duty I noticed that the 'clerk' sat at a computer and looked like she was playing tetris. She was not typing. They were recording everything and then someone else would type it all out later.
    I was totally paying attention to every detail of the case while noticing these things.