Friday, April 30, 2010

Cinema Betty

Cobweb Morning was unexpectedly difficult to match with a movie. Do you have any idea how many films have to do with amnesiacs? Tons. But at the end of the day, the only one that really sang to me is:
My husband and I have a running gag where I insist that Overboard is 'about Oregon'. Okay, maybe not exactly 'about Oregon' but when stunning blonde amnesiac Goldie Hawn falls off a luxury yacht (in Oregon waters!) and into the arms of the local widower-ed handy-man (Kirk Russell) and his four boys, her personality doesn't change but her priorities do.

A Girl in A Million has a girl fall in love with a man while she sits at the hospital bedside of another. That could only mean:
While You Were Sleeping

Okay, okay, maybe I'm squeezing in another amnesiac movie. But this movie has the distinction of being one of the last great rom-cons. Is it just me or did things head firmly south with The Wedding Date (gag, gag, gag)?


  1. I got conned into renting the movie The Wedding Date (by a 16 year old at the Rental counter no less)and I hated it. That's just me. But here's a great movie for the books with evil, vindictive or plain opportunistic siblings......27 Dresses. Well, of course she falls in love with the other guy at the end and there's the drunken episode (at NY not Brighton), but still...I saw a lot of Betty connections.

  2. Random Harvest - Greer Garson, Amnesia, babies, and Marriage of convenience

  3. The Wedding Date tempts me to start a Facebook site called: You Owe Me 8 Bucks, Hollywood, Two Hours of My Life and Replacements for My Burned Retinas.

  4. I think it's hard to find a compelling, original reason to keep two people apart these days. Good for society (small things can't stop true love) bad for romantic comedy.
    I have to admit the only recent rom com I like is The Proposal, even though I think Sandra Bullock's character in that would probably be a Betty Neels villain rather than heroine.

  5. Barbara here--
    Betty Keira, you picked two of my favorite movies. Everytime I run across one or the other of them on tv, I have to stop and watch for a while.
    Samurai Mom--oh yes, Random Harvest--get out your hankies now! Great, great movie.

  6. Who ya kidding? "Spellbound"--amnesia AND Gregory Peck!

  7. Oh yes, caught Spellbound on TCM a few weeks ago. Gregory Peck...'nuf said and they threw in Ingrid Bergman too.