Sunday, November 7, 2010

Betty Goes to Church

The family pew was at the front of the church, under the pulpit with its vast sounding-board, and Lucy sat between Fran and Litrik, unable to understand a word, and yet following the service very well - some of the hymns even had tunes she knew. The sermon lasted a very long time, and the dominee thundered above her head so that she had the impression that he disliked his congregation, but as they left the church they stopped to speak to him and she discovered him to be a mild man with a splendid command of English and a soft gentle voice.

The Girl with Green Eyes

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  1. Betty Barbara here--
    Just finished reading Girl with Green Eyes and I remember this scene! And yet, back in church one week later, with William sitting next to her, Lucy is totally lost! I had to laugh. I took it as a subtle way for Betty to show how being around William disconcerted Lucy.
    The non-Bettys out there would say it was another example of La Neels poor writing and lack of editing!