Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Caramel Wafers

No, no actual recipe this week (I'm going to Hawaii TOMORROW!!! and I don't feel like cooking). I was at Costco this week and I happened past these little beauties. Yes, the windmill caught my eye, and the Dutch kids, and the word 'Dutch' in the title. It doesn't hurt that I'm a sucker for caramel. The cookies are a bit spendy ($9.79 for a box of 54 cookies), but they were surprisingly good - and there were quite a few cookies in the box. The next time Ariminta Rose Cassandra Dawlish Darling is eating wafer cookies in Holland, I'm going to imagine that these are the ones.

Verdict: Fifteen year old son: 'Did you make these?' Me: 'Nope, bought them.' 15 year old: 'Please get the stuff to make them.' Dr. van der Stevejinck and nineteen year old son both found them edible. Edible enough to inhale them like they were a pair of industrial vacuums.


  1. via email -

    Hi! Love your site. Read it every day. I saw that you bought Caramel Cookie Waffles at Costco. We have a Dutch bakery here. 2 brothers from Holland (very tall) Jan and Han are their names. They make their own CCW every week and they sell them locally and have a website (Stroopwafels) They are fantastic and the best when you have them warm for the old fashioned waffle maker they have. I bring them to my friends in CA when ever I visit. AND when anyone comes to Billings we go to lunch there!


  2. Wow. Sometimes having to be gluten free just stinks.

  3. Gluten free...A moment of silence, if you please...

  4. Wow, we may have to have Suzanne send photos of the CCW's and the TDB's. Not sure exactly which I want to see more. As I've caught my limit with Prof. K, I guess I'll have to order the wafers. Sad but true. But I still want to see both. ooo la la (I'm referring to the CCW here. Really.)

  5. Yoohoo, Betty Suzanne! It’s a small and very bettyesque world. Jan and Han Boogman’s parents Johan Christiaan Boogman and Hendrika (Riet) Boogman, née Wesselo (I wonder if she was called Rietje when she was little) were married at Maartensdijk, the small place in the province of Utrecht near which we have "visited" the van den Berg Eyffert property Bergenstijn in Damsel in Green and Small Slice of Summer. Jan (Jan Willem Boogman) was born in Maartensdijk, Han (Johan Serfass Boogman) was born in Utrecht.
    After visiting their website, I found a lovely wintery picture on featuring their stroopwafels. Every time I looked at the picture I looked outside our window – there is about the same amount of snow out there! And it is warm and cosy inside, Betty A. replete with leftover Christmas goodies.

  6. Sorry, Johan Jerfass Boogman.

  7. The Dutch Brothers – pictures
    Jan Willem Boogman (2008). Eight times Dutch Champion/ Nederlands kampioen (hurdling and heptathlon) in the 70s! in Dutch
    hordelopen = hurdling
    horden = hurdles
    zevenkamp = heptathlon
    Between 1978 and 1981 he was on the athletic team of the University of Texas in El Paso. Where he also finished his studies (Physical Education).

    And then this must be Han (2008).

    Their father, Johan Christiaan Boogman, Ph.D. from Utrecht University, was Professor of Modern History at Utrecht University, by the way.

  8. A couple of years back, in the spring, I found these lovely AMSTERDAM KOEKJES" at a local store. Same brand as the caramel wafers in the picture above. Which is why I remembered them. Saw them at a Jamin store on Damrak last year and didn't have the time to go back there and buy them. Sniff

  9. Speak-Along

    stroopwafels audio

    OH like French eau (water)
    ah as the a in father
    uh as the a in in a minute
    s the final s is voiceless too!

    How to make stroopwafels - video: Stroopwafels Breadlab, by Freerk Bos, Dutch "pro actor with a passion for BREAD"

  10. Several brands of Stroopwafels are available at the commissary, also at World Market. We used to get them from Dutch vendors at the officers' club in Heidelberg, and they recommended placing the stroopwafel over a hot cup of coffee/tea/cocoa/whatever to warm the wafel and melt the caramel a bit. Quite yummy, but don't leave it too long or the steam will make it soggy. 10 seconds in the microwave work, too.

    Gluten-free stroopwafels are available at :

  11. Ah! So that's why Montana Mary put the stroopwafel on her teacup/mug in the lovely wintery picture.