Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Question of the Week

Mole takes a break from Spring Cleaning

In Romantic Encounter Alexander (along with another doctor) meets Florence as she is doing some spring cleaning of the vicarage. Mr. Wilkins, who lived in a house with so many gadgets that it never needed spring-cleaning, looked interested...

My sister Betty Tia is a fiend for Spring Cleaning (caps are so necessary here)--she has the kids choose a room out of a hat that they turn out for each day of Spring Break and they move everything (everything) out and then everything back in (sans the piles of donated goods moving out of their lives). It's not really my thing but I am prostrate in admiration.

My method is 'Hey look! A pile! Let's get rid of that.'--but in my case they seem to be indigent piles instead of emigrating ones and look for fresh places to loiter...

My question is: What does your 'Spring Cleaning' look like?

**Also, what kind of cleaning is particular to old houses?


  1. Betty Barbara here--
    The older I get, the less thorough my 'spring' cleaning becomes (though I was Never in Betty Tia's class). Truth of the matter--my house is always neat, always tidy--but it does not sparkle! the furniture does not gleam from frequent polishing! I wouldn't advise trying to eat off my kitchen floor (though you will definitely not stick to it) and so on.
    The windows that used to get done twice a year now get done maybe once--and they are the handy 'tilt-in for easy cleaning type'!
    I would dearly love to have a sturdy woman come in once or twice a week to do the rough!!

    I usually do my best and most thorough cleaning when I am trying to avoid doing something else (my house did sparkle when I was in grad school and was avoiding writing papers) Or when I just can't take it any more and go on a cleaning binge.
    Season of year is rarely a determinate--but the expected arrival of house guests always is...

  2. I'm with Betty Barbara. Season is not a factor...houseguests are (with the exception of Bettys Keira and Tia).

    I will say that some of my most thorough cleaning happens in late December/early January - when all the Christmas decorations come down.

  3. When I was in college our off-campus housing would always have cleaning checks (we complained that they were invariably scheduled for the week before finals) and it was all hands on deck to do the really really thorough cleaning. I opened up my fridge last week and thought, 'No way would this pass cleaning check.' Maybe I just need a deadline and some vague threat hanging over my head...

  4. We have a very old house (200+ years old) that would be so happy if we cleaned it regularly, but we don't. Bad us.

    We're proponents of the philosophy that says: If you want to visit us, you're welcome any time, if you want to see the house, we need a lot of notice.

    And I have been known to invite people just so I have an excuse to clean!

  5. Betty Magdalen, I invite people over as an excuse to clean as well.

    Betty Debbie, I am with you, the big clean happens when the pine needles move out, however; I leave the decorations up longer than you do because I hate to say goodbye to all the prettiness.